as per title, just don't hit me up with ridiculous offers like 250 bucks for these you must be able to ship to UK

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I was more aiming at the part where he was unsure if he's gonna maintain the interest. Film photography is cheaper in the short run, you can get films developed and scanned by your local lab, and whether you are working with raws or well scanned tiffs does not make much difference. On the other hand used analog gear is cheap, you could get non auto focus canon for less than 50 bucks. If you get bored - sell it off on ebay for the same price, give it to your younger sibling, whatever, no harm done. After all all you need is a lens and something a light meter. Even old nikons f3s come with those, set the iso on your film and off you go taking snaps. I wish I had gotten my analog before a DSLR, there's so much unnecessary stuff on them (yes I am one of those geeks who dream of leicas) The reason is - film is cheaper to get into, you can see if you like it. If you do then you can splash for a dslr, otherwise you end up with expensive piece of kit which doesn't get much use apart from an occasional family and friends picture.

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King Geedorah - Krazy World

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Berlin Calling - seriously good stuff

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Don't get a DSLR though, that's what I think. If you are really serious about the stuff you could learn about the composition, metering, etc on your point and shoot. Instead spend a less money on a cheap old film SLR and a good prime lens. What I used to do was walk about with my film camera and p&s to take a pic with a p&s to see if it worked and then work on it with my slr

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spain are probably rock it until semi-finals at least, the quality of their play has been amazing recently. argentina is a lost cause, maradona has completely no idea what he is doing, cambiasso and zanetti are left at home, so their defense is gonna have more holes than swiss cheese portugal might surprise everyone, what c.ronaldo did in real madrid this season was quite unbelievable, but a lot depends on the team spirit in portugal, you can't say that they play one another too often

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silver lucky strikes for me blue camel's come close second, gold malboro suck balls. but... the best cigarettes of all time are Gauloises Blondes, the blue pack ones, sooo good, raw, very heavy tobbacco with a lot of detail in flavor, most other cigarettes taste like cardboard to me :/

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i dont use bags for books in college... but it needs a laptop space that is water sealed - so taht when that bottle of booze breaks your gear is safe from harm actually a waterproof pocket would be a sick idea and it needs to be shapely, most bags look wack on people's backs, most of them are too 'deep' (you know, the shortest dimension on a bag is too long) and protrude retardedly from peoples backs

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jonesz - season one

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[Quote] i dont think he did, it was more of a MIBs plan to help ben out

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what film are you guys using? last couple of rolls of delta3200 i shot had those nasty grid patterns after being developed and scanned, I am not sure if the lab started to screw up my negs or if my shop keeps getting me dodgy films

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get Tony Hawk Underground 2 Remix, can be had for like 3 pounds and is a load of fun

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wax leather black blazer perf and am1 parra

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Am1s and zx7000

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