[Quote] Just saw them now. Congrats to this really great and promising fading structures. Wann see them again over the next years!!!

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^ If you still have them you know at least where they can survive at a safe place for ever like in the Jeansmuseum. Just send me a pm Every raw denim head is invited to check out this place in Zurich with over 7000 pants and 5000 denim jackets from the 50-ies until now. I started collecting raw denim rags since 1973 in a little Swiss mountain village. Check out the links below: My current Denime contest project: https://picasaweb.google.com/116118427799433045500/DenimeJeansContestStartFebruary222010?authkey=Gv1sRgCMTApuH-_qLcIQ 80 pairs of jeans: Kommunikationsmuseum Berlin: „Fashion Talks“, Oct. 6. 2011 - Febr. 26. 2012 http://www.mfk-berlin.de/nc/ausstellung/vorschau/details/events/1917/p1/detail.html 15 pairs of jeans and denim jackets: Art Centre Basel: „ Jeansspiration“, 2012 http://www.artcentrebasel.com/artcentre/Exhibitions/Jeanspiration Introduction of the Jeansmuseum by R. White on Youtube (sorry without sounds by mistake!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfQJt9syPlo Introduction of the Jeansmuseum by Hall of Fade: http://halloffade.com/introducing-swiss-jeans-museum/ and all pics on Iron Heart Forum: http://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=1775.0 Pikebrothers Bundeslaender Tour (my posts under swiss-jeansfreak from Oct. 5 2011): https://picasaweb.google.com/116118427799433045500/PikebrotherJeansBundeslaenderTour?authkey=Gv1sRgCKrI59KouP7U7AE PS: Always real roughest vintage or raw denim rag items wanted, no matter how ugly, stained, dirty, filthy. Thanks for sustaining Europes largest non commercial denim rag collection founded in the Swiss mountains in 1973 at a time when teachers and parents didn't like rock music, long hair and worn out jeans at all (12'000 items). The Jeansmuseum encourage people to use their raw denim stuff as long as possible. But just never throwing them away. All your beloved favorite items can survive for ever on a safe place in the Jeansmuseum, what they deserve after a hard and long life. Museum open on request.

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Hid: Really great work done on them! Congrats!

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Just saw this thread. About not washing raw denim stuff is very easy to explain. Some raw denim purists don't wanna lose the original raw denim color who will disapear on all raw denim stuff if washed the first time. The Jeansmuseum recommend to all the never washing raw denim purists to follow those 3 rules: 1. Start breaking in a new raw denim pants when the colder season is starting 2. Wear them in 3 stages: a) Nice - office/school, b) worn out: leisure outdoor activities (hiking/biking), c) falling apart: as work pants (paintings, construction or forest jobs out in the dirt) 3. First two stages air them a lot. Last stage: Keep them outside your living room in the bunkhouse With those 3 rules you shouldn't have any troubles and will receive strong fadings and patina character as well. As said, this is for the hard core raw denim heads only The Jeansmuseum encourage all raw denim heads to wear the hell out of their raw denim stuff. Use them as long as possible. And after you're done with them, frame them or nail them on a wall, but never throw them away. They deserve to survive for ever after a long and hard life. The Jeansmusuem offers a safe place to all your beloved favorite raw denim rags, where they can rest in peace for ever. In case of any donatiosn let me know, no matter how ugly or which size, or how filthy. As worse with stronger character as better for the Jeansmuseum Thanks for sustaining the Jeansmsuuem founded in a little swiss mountain village in 1973 (12000 items so far)

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