What occupations are yall seeking? For me becoming would be wondeful because I seek knowledge and have the desire to help people better themselves. I also really like money... Anyways I want to be an anesthesiologist but realostocally I would be a psychiatrist, I dont know if I have the commitment for anesthesiology, or the chemistry skill

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[Image] Girl from my school posted this three days ago... Died on impact in a car accident this afternoon, be careful what you wish for HB. And don't text and drive (she was). P.s. all the bullshit people who didnt know her are already trying to grab their grieving 15 minutes of fame.

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We have some people painting our house right now, so im sitting on my bed, and this dude comes into my room and this lady was already In there. Im facing a wall, and they're on the other side, and I start hearing like a weird noise, and I ignore it, but it continues so I turn around and this dude has her arm in his hand and is shoving down his pants and like jerking himself off with it..... With me in the fucking room. Will post pics of both

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I dont know what type of colleges I should be trying ti apply to. I really slacked of during highschool and have a weighted gpa of 3.33, unweighted like 3.01. 861/1414 class rank I think... But my test scores are decent. My Acts are a 32, super scored 34, sat is a1920 unknown super, and ive worled for about a year and a few months now. I live in Texas btw, I want to become a doctor but major in psychology, or maybe bio. What type of schools should I be looking at? Me extracurriculars aren't great either. I play rugby and thats it, but I am a captain.

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It was awkward af though because it was dark and I didnt see her so she got like half my mouth but whatevs... see what quitting porn gets you? Inb4 op is a ten year old faggot who kissed a boy

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im fucking addicted to porn man, I can't stop jacking off. I went for like 12 days in the summer and I felt great, got a girl, randomly got emotional and would start tearing up and laughing at the same time (wut) but then I relapsed and I havent been able to go 2 days since, I need help! Im jacking it to some pretty sus ass shit. This isnt right it's taken over my brain man. Im thinking of like hiding my phone for 20 days. Help me.

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So my dad gave me 70 projectors to sell as a "project" to earn money, only problem is I got no where to sell em, eBay takes way to long and is unreliable, where tf could I sell these? They're pretty good projectors as well

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Want to do something fun, but can't really think of anything around here

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Thinking about piercing them Yay or Nay?

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Like I'm constantly sleepy, I'll go to bed early, wake up and still be really sleepy the whole day. Yall know what could cause this/been through it? I think it could be vitamin deficiency caused anemia, but idk. It sucks because it effects how I interact with people, I'm not quick at all and often can't think if anything to say because my brain is pretty much dead.

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So, what do you talk about to your girl... I feel like conversations get really dull

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List some awkward moments in life, even if they're trivial. I had a huge social media break, then I made an instagram, so following a chunk of people and having that -1 ratio is awkward. Talking about someone and the person you're talking to knows them and is offended. When you're making plans and the dude whos never invited wants to tag along

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Boy seriously considering Bartholomew Maxwell Bradley Alexander Not serious Don Juantavious

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Trying to have some fun tomorrow, what type should I purchase?

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What did talk get on your SAT and ACTs, and how much did you study?

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