i just realized i'm a fucking fruitloop hb can u help me wit my problem smh

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[URL] smokeyface

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im finna get this cut once i grow out my hair more [Image]

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[URL] &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &) &)

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the last man just got pulled out, it's amazing. i couldnt fuckin imagine being stuck down there for 2 months, nothing but respect for them. watching this was heartwarming [URL]

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[URL] lol post yours here, hella addictive

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[URL] press play on left, shit is dope

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[URL] i was looking up mensa, and i realized you need a 132 to even TEST for the organization. and i was looking at the list, and what the fuck, asia carrera is on it. i dont understand why she would become a porn star, when she is a genius

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i didnt see any thread on this shit so i thought i would start one. just post your favorite youtube freestyle videos of

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[URL] aye this was trill but can someone help a

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just turned 18, reminiscing back on my youth. fountain valley hospital i see you, huntington beach i see you, thank you nancy and john for giving me life

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copped em and wore them probably a max of 5 times. theyre too big for me, my loss is your gain. these DBs have a different sole than most DBs do, the box labels them as bushacres. asking for 70 shipped, or trade. offer up [Image]

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His new album [B]Lady Killer[/B] is supposed to drop later this year. i dont know if im late but i just heard his single, and it is piff smokeyface [URL]

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read it on realgm The "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" star and new hubby Lamar Odom have finally hammered out the details of their prenuptial agreement, according to RadarOnline.com... [B]In the case of a split, the reality star was demanding $500,000 for every year they were married, $25,000 a month in general support, their house, a new luxury vehicle at the end of every lease cycle, $5,000 a month for shopping, $1,000 for beauty care, and courtside Lakers tickets for everyone in her family.[/B] [URL]

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