They used to be one of the most hyped up brands, I dont see their stuff at all any more. The LA shop closed down, is the NY one still open? Did they go bankrupt or something?

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Waiting on them to arrive, I will post pics when I get them. In the mean time make an offer if you are interested.

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Looking for this season's Bape ABC Camo jacket in grey or beige, or any Supreme box logo hoodies. Size Large. Will Paypal up to $250 for the jacket. Let me know if you have any available...

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Post here if you've bought any of my shit.

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Im looking for bape hoodies and camo jacket from this season. I have lots of diamond supply, pretty much every hoodie and most tees from fall 10. Willing to trade, paypal or possibly meet up in LA area. Here is some stuff I am willing to trade Let me know if you have any old bape or bbc/ice cream hoodies or supreme hoodies. Willing to trade [URL]

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Selling two BRAND NEW Apple TVs for [B]$85 INCLUDING SHIPPING[/B]. These are STILL IN THE PLASTIC WRAP. They retail on the Apple Website for over $100, this is a steal. Contact me at [email][/email] or via PM if you are interested. Remember, $85 shipped for each Apple TV. [I]Apple TV has been redesigned to be small in size but big on entertainment. Rent from the largest selection of HD movies

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ALL SHOES ARE SIZE 14 UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE I accept ONLY PayPal. Prices include shipping. I'm fairly new to hypebeast so I don't have much user feedback but I'm an honest person, you won't have to worry about shipping issues. I need to sell some of these Js, help me out! Please let me know if you wanna see more pics of any shoe. Most of these shoes are brand new. Please PM, respond or email me at [email][/email] if you are interested in anything. Swag. [B]Air Jordan 6 Rings[/B] $135 shipped Worn 5-6 times [Image]

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I was wondering what the best place to post my stuff is. I do wallpapers, websites, posters, CD art, etc and have worked with some pretty big names. It seems like there are a lot of artistic people on here, so is there somewhere to comment on others work, show your own, look for design work, etc?

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Hey all, new to this forum and really like it so far. I'm wondering what the best spot in LA to pickup Dunk SB's is? Ive been to Union and Undefeated, not crazy bout the selection although I keep in touch w/ some people at Undefeated about release dates and all that. Any other spots would be appreciated, and address or area if possible. Thanks in advance

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