Im want to buy a pair of rod lavers in all white leather but i can't find them anywhere in a size 9  does anyone know a online store still have these? Are they limited or are they going to be restocked??

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[Image] size 9, 9.5 or 10

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pm me  10char

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wasssup i want to buy the all star ox low x cdg anyone have these? i normally wear a eu42 but a 41.5 or a 41 in converse low cause these fit a little big at end they only have UK7 or UK8 im not sure what size to get since i read that uk7=40 but uk8=42.5... thanks in advance

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so i need a new suit and i am really swamped i dont know which brand, style etc. since i normally dont wear suits it should be plain, simple, elegant, black and slim. should be under 800$ also.

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