Im want to buy a pair of rod lavers in all white leather but i can't find them anywhere in a size 9  does anyone know a online store still have these? Are they limited or are they going to be restocked??

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[Image] size 9, 9.5 or 10

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[Quote]lmfao PUSSY NIGGA he nailed it

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pm me  10char

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wasssup i want to buy the all star ox low x cdg anyone have these? i normally wear a eu42 but a 41.5 or a 41 in converse low cause these fit a little big at end they only have UK7 or UK8 im not sure what size to get since i read that uk7=40 but uk8=42.5... thanks in advance

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weed and alcohol on a regular basis, sometimes coke or ecstasy i wanna try something hallucinogenic soon but dont know if i should go with acid or shrooms. dmt sounds good too but i dont know where to get that shit

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new slaves, i am a god, hold my liquor, blood on the leaves, guilt trip >>>>>>>>>>>>> album is fucking dope cudi killed it with the outro i cant get that verse out of my head since i heard it the first time

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so i need a new suit and i am really swamped i dont know which brand, style etc. since i normally dont wear suits it should be plain, simple, elegant, black and slim. should be under 800$ also.

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still no leak?

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[Quote]info on shorts?

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james blake - overgrown rhcp - californiacation

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must have been hot in the club wearing a hoodie and a jacket

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odyssee in space, requiem for a dream, enter the void, black swan, 12 monkeys, fear and loathing in las vegas, antichrist movies like this  or reports about space, reality, metaphysics etc

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get some skyy or absolut vodka and red bull or some shit but let them bitches drink it and stay sober put some drake music on and theyll fall for your type

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[Quote]hahah i know this or stoping everyone around you from talking because you think you got something important to say, but while you start telling you forget what you wanted to say haha but its not really a bad effect tho

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