My one stop shop for sneakers: (Based in Germany, but ships world wide)

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give them to charity

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[Quote] is this a fetish? Makin luv 2 a Sneaker sounds pretty weird.

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Definatly Sneakerking is the palce to go for sneakers in Frankfurt!

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@stalker46ss What exactly to you mean with "Like i heard u can learn a lot of skills and get a job and get paid"

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I bought a Macbook Pro in 2007 and am still very happy with it. I replaced the original HDD with an SSD and must say the spped bump was very impressive. Mountain Lion and all apps run smoothly on it. I guess I will kepp it till it dies... Or till the next generation of Macbook airs come out. I really like them but I just don't like the big beazel around the screen...

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So will you guys get the new iPhone 5? I can't really decide... but I think I'm gonna stick to my two year old iPhone 4 for one more year and then get the 5 wehn the 5s? or how ever it will be called comes out.

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I was a die hard firefox fan but for the last 2 years or so I switched to Chrome cause it feels much faster. Now I use firefox at work and chrome at home on my macbook.

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