size Large BBC satin glow clock jacket retail is 800...willing to let it go for cheaper though

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any offers?

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From a few seasons ago, worn twice retails for $800 NYC meet up preferred [Image] s/o:400 BIN: ?

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in my opinion he has the same chance of winning if he goes to NY as he does Chi...sure he has D. Rose in Chicago but by lebron being there, Rose loses some of his ability. I wouldn't consider D.Rose a go to star yet and he's the type of player that needs the ball in his hand just like Lebnron. They will counteract eachother. All the discussion about Noah this Noah that, in order to geta bosh or lebron the bulls have to sign and trade and I'm sure Noah would be involved in one of the deals, as he's one of the better assests. The most important factor is why would LBJ want to play in Jordan's matter what he does he will here Jordan did this or that. Just come to NY

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too much nitpicking if you ask me, the major questions were answered small little details left unanswered are there to keep you thinking about the show

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thought it was very predictable, almost cheesy but I somewhat enjoyed it and i've come to the conclusion Jack can't be human...shot, stabbed, tortured etc and he just keeps on going

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I have the red blinking lights on my ps3...I was updating it one day and it didn't complete just shut off no yellow light, just doesn't turn on correctly goes straight to the blinking lights it's a 60gb ps3 btw, any idea how to fix?

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three seconds left and I have the ball at the 20yd line...didn't trust joe flacco throwing a td so I just ran it with Rice and broke a tackle for an 80YD run...this was online too

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Wayne should have went IN instead he came with tha "going through the motions" flow but this bass on this knocks crazy

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where can I get tickets? is curren$y headlining?

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Nas used to be my favorite rapper, but this track just adds to his boring persona that he gives off to me

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Reminds me of "What you know" at least the sound/agression of it

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That saphire goes down smooth...but can I get a vid for spotlight??

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yeezys can you fit a 10 in the zens?

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Copped the last ghostbusters tee in BWS...employee was selling it lol

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