i'm not trying to back up anyone because you think i dislike you chill it was told to me about your shop and others no big deal lets dead this i aint trying to have this conversation with you

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HAHAA .. hell i can care less about the dude or what pull dude has i'm just sayin Andy you do know Andy and Bryan right ? i heard they were saying stuff about you.. be easy bro like i said i aint got nothing on you or your shop im just saying facts blushing

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shoot does anyone know where to get beltprinting done in Frisco let me know

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A Versus you should try getting world tours it should work for your shop just ask Scott or Andy or maybe Victors your rep who knows but it would be a good look for your store too bad you might not even get it maybe one day your store will be worthy of it when i get down there to socali wherever you are i'll come by i'm planning a trip from here in san jose to diego you have any of them irons tees left ?

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Easy go buy Crooks

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any MISHKA fall in ?

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I dont know i guess its just how the hundreds customer service is they take it nice and slow but im sure Crooks wouldnt have this problem as soon as they start doing online sales thru there website.

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crooks and castles !

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There iight... just buy CROOKS !

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My boy out here from Frisco has this t-shirt the kid wearing it and the way it was taken serves no justice to the tee the cement looks like the am's posted i'll try and get a better pic of it its hella sik in person theres a jordan print on the back he has it in blk he picked it from Commisary OC .>smh

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[Quote] HAHAHA... you gotta love it straight to the point no hypebeast argument just F#@K you. >smh

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sure the shirt sucks but opions and sales would change for the design if it was an actual Loius Vuitton t-shirt,to match the ever so played multi/pharrell/monogram 100% LV silk bandana ,but even then i still would'nt rock it, its just something think about

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Jonas deserves respect. L-R-G sold out ? hahaha.. but yet they have sample sales every year where the shirts almost cost as much as an alstyle apparel WHITE tee, and jeans cost 20 bux even at times 15,before there shirts would just be a logo but now they actually have designs think about it. >smh

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There true to size fit .

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