Worn twice, no creases except minor ones on toebox. US11.5. $330 shipped worldwide. [B]NEW PRICE $280 SHIPPED[/B] Better pics upon request. Now on ebay: loserkidwizardeyes [Image]

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Firstly, open to offers. Secondly, located in UK. Bape red shark (L), worn less than 5 times, 9.75/10, $330 shipped worldwide. Bape grey shark (XL), worn, still in amazing condition, 8/10, $300 SOLD Bape teal tiger (L), worn, still in amazing condition, 8.75/10, $320 SOLD All three now on eBay, seller: loserkidwizardeyes [Image]

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Preferably lows, will consider highs. PM me.

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Sick jacket, if only it didn't have his name plastered on it. Anyone know how much? [URL]

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It'll be dope. Got my tickets last week, got a couple spare too. Not selling for retail obv, as they can be filled easily. See you there.

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[B][SIZE="5"]Prices are negotiable[/SIZE][/B] Please use xe.com for currency conversion. [b]Brand:[/b] A Bathing Ape [b]Type:[/b] Tee [b]Size:[/b] L [b]Colour:[/b] Black with gold print. [b]Price:[/b]

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