[Quote] actually looks like a panel straight from the comic, except with the eyes changed and blood added. still, i applaud miskha for seeking inspiration from interesting places.

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it takes a certain kind of genius to come up with something like spongebob. i dig it

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[Quote] i think street fashion will remain where ever labels such as H&M, Gap, and Abercombie&Fitch is not. since fashion, by definition, is constantly changing, it's only normal that mainstream brands eventually "invade" our terrority, and we'll have to change our style to go against the mainstream. who knows, maybe in a year or two, H&M will look like 10Deep and 10Deep will look like Gap. meh

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they recently released an "all-over" hoodie with sneakers on it (and a tee with the same pattern). take the chains pattern, this hundreds "rip", and the striped hoodie, i wouldn't be surprised if H&M are taking some inspiration from current street fashion trends.

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looks like this is apparently OLD NEWS. and more importantly, UNIMPORTANT news. still, good to know at least some Hypebeasters enjoy random observational humour now and then.

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Bobby Hundreds, street fashion designer (The Hundreds) [Image] just think about it, have you ever seen these two men together in the same room, at the same time, or even in the same photo?? no, i thought not.

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http://www.premierprintsinc.com/collectjamestown/jamestown.html [Image] not that i thought they drew it themselves in the first place nor have they ever claimed to (to my knowledge). just thought it was cool to discover the origins of that pattern, which i like alot, and love GRNAPPLETREE for assembling it in to hoodies. note to self: buy pattern from website and learn how to cut/sew a hoodie myself

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i think we're reaching the last boss soon.

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[Quote] i've been hearing it's a horrible, dumb thriller with the greatest, most honest name hollywood has ever come up with.

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those guys know their illustrator/photoshop well. but they really need stronger concepts and designs.

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HK-born Chinese

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why must the good always die young...

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this is an interesting discussion! it doesn't seem like anyone here hates Fapes because it's riping Nigo and A Bathing Ape of their hard work or because it's disrespectful to the designer. it does seem like people hate it because Fape owners are rocking their Fapes like it's real and real Bape owners feel the attention given to Fape wearers are robbing the attention that should be given to them (because they paid more for it, so they deserve it more). i can't support the first point because i'm downloading mp3s and movies as i type this and it's essentially the same damned thing. as for the second point, i guess the authentic stuff 'should' get more praise than fakes. a real diamond obviously outshines its fake plastic stuff wannabe. but hey, if they both shine exactly the same, and one costs a fraction of the other, how does that work?

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strangers with candy. "that's right, i'm a black man. and yea, i'm dressed up as an astrouant. that disturbs you doesn't it??"

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