[Quote] Where can I hear this at?

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of Down With Webster? I’ve been listening to these dudes a lot lately. Their new song Rich Girl$ is pretty catchy. Reminds a lot like Gym Class Heroes mixed with some Shwayze and 30H!3. If you are into that style/genre I would give them a listen. They are supposed to release a new album on 10/6 and I might need to get that. Anyway…thought I’d share my new love with them with you guys. Let me know what you guys think. Check out their Myspace...guess I can't post links because I'm new here. Peace.

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I so want this Guitar Hero signed by NERD....my bro would freak if i get it.>smh gamestop.com/nerd Sj UMGD

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Has anyone seen postal.....? wow....got it yesterday when it came out..and been laughing since. that movie is so hilarious. i thought the trailers were funny from here [URL] but once i saw the movie....i was impressed with how funny it was...gotta see it if you haven't already.....>smh

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this movie is awesome

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i like this show but dont tell anyone..lol

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those are pretty tight...>smh

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