anybody else still fuck with BBC/Ice Cream?

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the cast has been confirmed, thoughts?

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I'm about to be 21 and still haven't lost my V card. but I know my time will come.  How old were ya'll when you finally did it?

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kinda wanted to bring up a deep topic. what I will never get is why do niggas bounce out of their kids life. like my mom baby sits this ladys kid he's like 3 or something and he never seen his dad, his moms a single mother. so he has no father figure in his life. I noticed how he gets attatched to my dad.  he calls him "papi" but he's a lil kid so we just play it off and he kinda looks up to him, but it's kinda sad. a boy needs his father in their life. dont they ever think that their kid needs them to be there for them in the future? I mean if your not gonna provide for your kid then you should've pulled out in the first place. reminds me of that Will Smith episode..

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guess Kanye still got that Chicago in him. he a real nigga for this

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Happy New Years Eve HB fam. last day of 2013, spend it well. be safe, drive safetly and stay positive. what are ya'll gonna be doing later?

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anybody fuck with Peas & carrots? their recent drop [URL]

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"a Chinese man leaped off a mall balcony to his death because his girlfriend refused to stop shopping for 4 hours" [URL]

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since it's Jay-Z Birthday I thought I'd make a thread about the God MC. might as well post this in off topic since the music section is dead. Ive been listening to most every album today my top 3 would be Reasonalbe Doubt, Blueprint and The Black Album. What's ya'll favorite Hov song/album?

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Anybody got some deep quotes they know of and want to share. Jaden Smith with the goat tweet      [URL] and also: "If I die tonight tell my mom I was a pretty bitch"

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this shit is sad.  [URL] I dont understand why people drunk drive. personally I'm against drinking in general I find it pointless but people who drink should at least have a friend who should be the driver

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not sure if this was posted before but this is pretty cool

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Idk how to post videos but here's the link. Shots fired. RIP Pap

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could this be a sign from the based god?

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Ive always wanted to go to Japan, Tokyo. I was wondering if anybody on HB ever been there, would would I expect? what kind of food do they have, how the bitches in Tokyo be like. etc. I know its expensive but I'd be willing to save up for a trip one day. or if you think its not worth the trip explain why. I'm not planning a trip any day soon tho just wonderin..

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