plug in my iron. Or, better yet, i make sure the creases in my shoes match the creases is my jeans. WHATCHALL KNOW 'BOUT HAVIN CREASES RUNNIN FROM YA THIGHS TO YA TOES!?

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I yo-yo. It's hella serious and it's maaaaad fun. I got a collection goin' too, 26 last time i counted.

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man, i used to have the MMPR action figures with the heads that flipped from face to helmet. those were the bomb...

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[Quote] ...Just remember all caps when you spell the name.

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None of our opinions really matter. Fact is, Doom kills shit repeatedly and nobody can stop him. That having been said, he killed it with this track.

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[Quote] I mean, their old shit was mad def, but do they have any recent shit? I stopped payin attention.

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