Oakland is a hell hole hotel that needs to be nuked and paved over AFTER the women and children are evacuated.

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Im working on my brand, but there has to be a business savvy to it also. I'm not going to investment in some half-assed designs without a marketing scheme. It's one thing to have a bigcartel site, but its another thing for exposure. The cool thing is where I'm from, there are NO black owned clothing companies, just soul food spots and barber shops. It's about location, vision and timing. I respect hustling, but there has to be a business side too it. Planning out our dreams.

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Huf is dope, some Stussy, Mighty Healthy has some cool threads. I don't have a problem with Diamond Supply, its mad people wearing it, but that's cool. The only items I like from Obey are the BAR logos, plain and clean. Supreme bar logo is a basic design I like. Crooks I'm not feeling at all really, neff, black scale, blood bath, etc. The market is saturated, but what market isn't? If you are looking for a streetwear shirt, what do you all look for? Ed Hardy is terrible LOL

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