[QUOTE=southwest54][Image] WOW...I'm speechless. Dood looks like he's seriously flossin' that outfit there...scurry.

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[Quote] WOW...i'm speechless. He looks serious too...that's scurrry.

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It really depends on the retailer. Those premium accounts mark up items more than say a neighborhood shop. If you check around you'll find some stores might sell a tee for one price and another will be selling it for a few dollars more. Guess it really just depends on the brand to set their wholesale price and then for the retailer to set their price from there. I would say the divide by 2 to get a wholesale price is pretty safe formula for most cases though.

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Could be alright if it's art piece on the wall but just too bananas to rock on a shirt unless you're on some urban 4X tee ish. Props for doing it though but mos def not my steez.

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AHAHAHAHA [Quote] AHAHAHAHAHA....Damn dood just broke it down...smashed like 5 different haters comments with something actually intelligent...props. I will say the checkers are a bit difficult to look at though. Got to see the real thing to know if I would cop...on the fence.

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I dunno what's going on with Kr3w but they got some heat poppin off...

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Dilla RIP...we've lost a legend...and oh yea Nas and Orisue...

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Thanks Thanks to all those that put in on this post...interesting to see everyones response. Seems like the majority on here are interested in having good discussions on things even if we don't all agree, that's what makes it interesting, but there are the few that just plain old suck. Those tend to be the ignorant ones that get baffled by "big" words or posts that are longer than 2 sentences. Thanks to all that participated anyways.

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To all Hypebeasters, I am still fairly new to Hypebeast and these forums but I have noticed one thing that seems pretty clear; there are a whole sh#t load of haters on here speaking on a whole lot of useless nothing. This forum is pretty dope or at least has great potential to be that way. But like in real society/community we get a few bitter a$$holes who for whatever reason wants to f*%k up a good thing for everyone else. Well I've got some thoughts I'd like to throw out there for all of you to pick apart and build on (that's what makes this community great): We all humans in this life and as humans we got needs. One of those needs happens to be "significance". Now funny thing about significance is this; there are only 2 ways to get it. A) you go and DO something significant or B) you break/tear someone/thing else down so that in YOUR mind they are less significant than you (after all you breaking them down doesn't actually make them less) therefore making you FEEL more significant. You're just sitting on here hiding behind a monitor and protected by cyberspace straight hating on sh#t for no reason, seriously I don't know why the peeps that hate on everything is even on here...what do you like?! They hate on everything! Maybe they should be on a forum for something they actual like, seems to make sense to be involved in something one actually derives enjoyment from. Constructive critisism that I've seen on here have helped bring about great products and people's ideas improved on; so I'm not saying only rap on what you like but if you gonna hate do so in a constructive manner...at least that should give you an ACTUAL sense of significance when you've in a small way been a contributing member to something that might be out there. Think about it...holler peoples and let me know what's really good...

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[Quote] Is this the same guy with like many variations of "hypebeaster"? Should just be called "hatemaster" cause that's all he ever does. I mean tell it like it is, you feel it you feel it and if you don't whateverz, but damn does this guy like anything?! Bet he isn't even feeling himself. On the line though the hoodies look cool. Some of the shirt colors are a lil too bugged for me.

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It's alright, perhaps a more interesting colorway would kick the design up. Not bad though.

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Yo peep out www.urbanlook.com, I not 100% on the site link but I heard they based out of china and do some streetwear and nite life blog/info type site. Shang Hai is dope, cop sum DVDs!!! I got 250 last time I was there smokeyface

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I'm feeling the brain on the shirt, nice flip on the whole skull and bones concept. How much does it retail for?

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It's alright but not spicy enough. Needs more flavor, try some Red Rooster Sauce.

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