smoke sum greens and place ya head under da beatz Link

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....Right in front of me. And she was wearin only panties nd a blazer. But she was black and I didn't wanna make moves on a ratchet manhood feels threatened, was that Gods message? WAS I SUPPOSED TO GET LAID TONITE?????

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[Embed content] Trey Songz is 1/5 the reason i stopped fuckin wit radio....

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NOW I KNO THIS SHIT SOUNDS A LIL CHOPPED. But just check this shit out!!! This is just a lil track i did over da summer wit my homie TooRell. The title is IM OVER IT. Co-produced by Aaron Blue (that would be me) check it out and gimme ya feedback....and dont be a dick Link [Embed content]

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[Embed content]

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[Embed content] Shit had me dyin Lmaooo

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[Embed content] I fux wit dis. He weird as fuck but i fux wit it

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i walked in a fuckin record store in Brownsville and just happened to see BIEBER ON BOOTLEG ...dat album kinda dope btw...but thats not the case. Adele sold 9 MILLION RECORDS yet Usher just flopped wit a number 1 song. niggas spend 10 bucks a week on honey buns n beef patties but cant buy fuckin album?? Can someone tell me whats wrong wit my people???????

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TooRell- City Girl ***Mixtape Comin SOON*** This my nigga from da BRKLYN-MIAMI region.TooRell is one half of KONCRETE CIRCUS (they got sum shit comin too),.He still got sum shit brewin in da cave....for now he just droppin a lil sumthin smoove for da bitches OPINIONS ARE WELCOME> JUSS DONT BE A DICK......DICKS ARE UGLY [Embed content]

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