How do u guys like em? i dont see anything on the forum about em. iiunno if its just me but i think they looks pretty fuego Nike Air Max 90 Premium Asia Exclusive

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1. does this site look legit. i cant find em on any other site. wat are they called.

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100 percent legit/authentic. Fresh never worn. i.m me on aim - ozzygotrobbed or email me [email][/email] for pics ^^

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im looking for some good airmax 1's or 90' not familiar with that many ill lookin ones. i dont got that much money so im lookin for some in the hundred dollar range. wats your feed on the ones posted below. any other suggestions? *these arent the sites im gonna order from, just shoe image references for you. Air Max 1 (Black-Varsity/Red-Metallic/Silver) Nike Air Max 90 Current (white / medium grey / black / infrared)

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I know im probably gonna get flamed hard body for this and told that this is impossible but is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE that this can be true on this site... Exuse me for being mad gullable but worth a post.

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