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[WTB] Khaki Colored T-000 sz 29-31 pm me please

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Popeyes ran out of chicken in Rochester, NY following a special on Chicken. [SIZE="5"][B]"Y'all knew you were having the special 2 months ago"[/B] [B]"They shoulda had a tractor trailer out back with da chicken on ice"[/B] [/SIZE] [Image] JUST ADDED THE WHISTLES GO WHOOOO AS 2ND BONUS



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I go start for you all to thread begin Thread begin now, how so your day today? I hope thread is good for you all , hopefully

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Yo backspace, I need you to lower the prices on your DS wtaps and HUF chukkas. I didn't want to come to this by making a dumbass thread, but sheet you trying to rape us. So this thread is for you to lower your prices, or you will be forever in my eyes a Rapist.

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Don't l8 pass me niiggas, i just wanted to let you know that 4poundz is still doing his thangggg and HE'S STILL RUNNIN THE STREETS. yesterday niiggas were all telling me that 4poundz fell off and that his lyrics were weak. I just wanted to say Fuck you, 4poundz Never Fell off. Check out his new joint "Kings Freestyle" [URL] "We be gangstersSsS" [Image]

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I've not been on this site for very long, but I've grown to love one o.g member very well. And his name is FearItSelf. He's like that little engine that could. He never gives up, and one day he's going to climb over that hill and gain the praise and respect from all the streetwear sites on the internets, including 5thD. [Image]

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Pm me if you got them

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just got this shit today, anybody else? gameplay is so so, story seems good

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anybody see this movie? it's a swedish horror vampire, coming of age movie i haven't, it's going to be released on march 12th on dvd

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anybody knowledgable in this subject? hows the quality of the dlsr/video models? d90 w/ hdvideo entry level cameras?

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i got my old ps2, but i'm missing connecting wires and my controller broke. I'm thinking about going to gamestop and getting new accessories for it and some new cheap games too. Is it worth it? my 360 is gone, and the games for my psp are shit any good titles? these are what i'm thinking god of war ff12 okami killzone

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Whether you are a theist, atheist, agnostic or stoned i found this shit pretty funny. Neil degrasse tyson is an astrophysicist and explains intelligent design, lulz ensues [Image]

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