Check the video out HERE The crew is called The STNDRD. Out of Atlanta. Just a couple young dudes on the come up trying to make it without stereo typical club bangers. Cause we don't really do clubs... Worked mad hard and made some connections and shot the video on our own dollar. Check it out. lemme know what you think. Spread it if you're feeling it. The song's gonna be on my homie Pharoh's next album, Jungle Fever. Dropping extra soon.

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Sponsored by and I'll just go ahead and toot the mess out of my own horn. It's dope. Take a listen and lemme know. I worked hard on this join. Did all the production except one track. If you have a blog do the kid a favor and post it. Tell your mom about it. BandCamp DatPiff HulkShare

Started by New Album - SUBMiT - Distance to Infinity , 2 Weeks ago in Music a lot of people slept till the hypetrak post. I produced mixed rapped and raped this one. lemme know what you think, and tell your friends...and their moms.

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[Embed content] did it for a contest hypetrak was doing. feedback n'allat appreciated.

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A party song, with class. Produced by OddCouple from Chicago. From my project Distance to Infinity. And you'll get laid if you click the link.

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check it out. Shot by Alex Sith of Vertigo Media. Oh, and here's the URL for the EP

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the homie Will hit me up to hop on this one. Joint was too much fun to rap on. feedback appreciated

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latest installment of my 'SUBMiX' series. Went over the MMG instrumental. lemme feedback appreciated.

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I did like 5 'SUBMiXes' before me and pharoh dropped the standard. it was like a little promo run I did for the EP. Anyway here's one of the tracks that got the most love

Started by SUBMiT - 90's Baby SUBMiX, 2 Weeks ago in Music I did the production on that joint he put out on twitter.

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Here's a video to the intro to Mine and Pharoh's EP, The Standard EP. I posted about it a couple wks ago. You can stream/download the EP at If you guys could repost it on facebook/blogs and whatnot it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Yo, So I just graduated. I'm job searching and I want to apply to the Illuminati. I have references and my resume, just need an address to send it to.

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I know it's far off, and we're all probably gonna be some sort of wrong, but I'm curious as to what up&comers yall are listening to. Post their name, where theyre from and where to check their music at. Nero - NY - Bugus - LA/ATL - J. Nolan - ATL - Pharoh - IL/ATL - MackleMore - WA - SUBMiT - ATL - [egotistical? Maybe, but I'm workin.] K. Camp - ATL - Vic Mensa - IL - D. Julien - NY - Tayyib Ali - PA - I know a lot of them are Atlanta artists but it's where I'm at so of course it's what I hear... And they're not in any particular order.

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Hey, names SUBMiT. Rapper/producer from Atlanta. Just dropped an EP with my homie Pharoh. I don't wanna type a whole long drawn out biography about how dope I am, and how so and so said I'm the next Kanye West, so I'll just let the music talk. You can download the EP for free here: And check out the rest of my music here:

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