Album- lupe food and liquor 2 Mixtape- big Sean Detroit

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heading back to nyc in january what some good spots to drink at? I usually go to bar 89 after shopping in soho

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i went to a meeting last night and they will also have a bigger metting on LSU campus tonight. i was just wondering if anyone came across the business and join/know someone who joined. Not looking to get rich off of it just want some passive income.

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what up everyone j cole is coming to my school to perform just wondering if anyone has gone to one of his concert recently and what type of performance to expect. Will it be more mainstream songs or will i get some songs off the warm-up??

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Tomorrow i have to give a outline on what my informational speech i will talk about for this class. Was thinking about doing speech on the Presidential campaigns but was like im trying to get an easy A with out doing to much research. Thinking about giving a brief background on supreme and artist pose in the box logo. Just want a lil help on what else to talk about just dont want to give out to much info to the hypebeast.

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What are some good websites to buy college team hoodies. fall semester is coming up and want to get some different hoodies. a lil different from everyone else on campus .. so where do everyone get their hoodies from.

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Today in class my professor told us that we could earn extra points in the class if we can write a joke that will make him laugh. He said if it was good enough he would read it to the class to see if we would laugh. Thought it would be a fun thread and reply back with whatever the professor said about the jokes. Let the jokes begin.

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Just heard this track from this King James its pretty nice beat and just talking about whole foods Has anyone heard of this dude King James??? [URL]

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SO what is everyone doing for spring break this year. Im heading out to orange beach for a few days to party it up at a condo on the beach

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was not sure i need to post this topic here or art but im in the market of buying a new bed. thinking about going towards getting a platform bed nothing special but not to cheap still need to finish college and want to get a nice mattress for the bed. If i could a few different sites to shop at would help me out alot

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Me and my roommate been pushing off getting a welcome mat for the apartment. About 3 years off pushing off we are talking but anyway. Want to know what welcome mats yall have at your place and where did u get them from or if u could give me some website to buy one

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Wale got a concert in new Orleans tonight want to know what to expect at the concert. What type of music does he usually do at concert or does it all just depends.

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Hey hypebeaster im coming out to boston in two weeks and wanted to know if anyone goes to harvard or mit (maybe know someone) because wanted to know if they had any events on campus or the surrounding colleges. Or where all the in college ppl chill at in boston

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Hey i have a friend that got a job interview going up at the end of the week what can he do to help pass the drug test.... i heard about putting 10x drops in your piss from a eye drop capsule. what have u done or heard to pass a drug test

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Hey im getting a new laptop 11.5 in but whats some good bags for me to get

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