wait till you hear the whole tape later today, i had it for a while now (as i am sponsoring the tape) its for sure a heat rock

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check out the tape, a lot of work went into this, we got 29 original tracks from some of the hottest up and comin rappers out there, hope you all enjoy [URL] Track Listing 01. AC - Spring Cleaning 02. D/Will - RTL (Ft. Rhymedy) 03. XV - This Is It 04. Cambatta - Never Read A Book 05. B.A. - The King Of Cool 06. El Prez - Murderin

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4 new songs off of our "illRoots.com and Subconscious Threads Present:The Spring Cleaning Mixtape" coming out this weekend for sure. I got another thread up about the tape with some of the other leaks, so check it out. Also check out the alternate cover by our boy Hayden Lyle, enjoy. [Image] [URL]

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5th track, look for the whole tape on the 21st [URL]

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4th leak, [URL]

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3rd leak [URL]

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for anybody interested, we teamed up with illroots.com to put out a tape for our spring release. we started leaking a few tracks before we put out the whole tape in a couple of weeks. the tape is coming out real dope, we have songs from skyzoo, cory gunz, charles hamilton, xv, torae, bobby creekwater, cashis, nero, harlemscash, esso, donny goines, etc etc i could keep going, but i don't want to spoil all the surprises, anyway here are the first two tracks we have leaked, and look out for more... [Image] [URL]

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[Quote] you should probably ask him as he made that beat? along with most of all the beats he goes over...

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[Quote] they're shooting a video for overdose this month in new york we did the shirts for the video so look out for it

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notice the jacket and shirt? .... blushing

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i know charles on a personal level as we do a lot of work with them and him/his team all rock our shit all the time, and 100% not fabricated by the two of them, really nothing to do with interscope, the dude at xplosiveworld who "broke" the story is the biggest charles hater around right now and does whatever he can to bash him, check through his blog archives you'll see, this is one of those situations where it seems reasonable enough to be true that it was all a big publicity stunt, but if you know the person involved, you'd know its far from that, the whole thing started because of an interview charles did on shade 45 where they asked him how he feels about being compared to soulja boy, and soulja boy didn't like what charles had to say and retaliated with a video, hope this clears some stuff up for you guys

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actually this was done and recorded 2 years ago, its not that it took 2 years to do, and it was the album/demo that got him his deal at interscope

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I saw that the pink lavalamp album got a good response here, so I figured I'd let you guys knows that we did a limited edition run of pink lavalamp shirts with Charles to celebrate its release. There were a few given out during the release party on Monday that we sponsored, and the rest are for sale on the SubCon website, [URL] . Let me know what you guys think...

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