just read all of this thread. never really posted but used to lurk and read everythin. damn some memories in this thread.

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roadstas dropped? how much did they go for? any other colours? cheers

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some recent pickups... [Image]

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ayo, anybody bought from main source in norwich? i saw on solepedia that they are a legit site but just wondered if any one has bought from there before. cheers

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these have no dropped on [URL] and nort berlin.

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i thought those af1 where watermelons when they were posted on the front page but kix-files be callin em green beans and i think they're on sale now.

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i was pissed when i saw missed that. been checkin everywhere i know for anyone else who might of restocked!!

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pharrell feat kanye - number 1 this summers big one, trust.

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right near hideout is a store called slammin kicks, check them out while your down

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london, well....near enough that i can make some pick ups

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not sure exactly mate but solestop has got the brazils already and kix-files has got the mexicos in the uk its gonna be 15 april @ triads, countdown is on!

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for any uk peeps [URL]will have the easter AF1 and the world cup AF1s on the 15 april.

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Kix-files have the AF1 Mexico from the World Cup pack for sale. There's also a picture of 3 more badges but i can't make out which countries these are. any ideas? one looks like turkey but they didnt qualify for the world cup?? Havent seen any other colourways since the post on the blog a while back with brazil,holland,mexico,portugal,korea and usa. [Image]

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[Quote] So i email thehundreds last nite because i hadnt heard anything. no email, no hoody, no refund. But they told me they have shipped to the uk and they're coming real soon. Hopefully waitin for me when i get home.

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