Stuffed is a brand that came into fruition in 2008, but back then it was more a hobby not realizing it was really a passion. I dived in with reckless abandonment just creating t-shirts and never really gave thought about what makes a brand because when i wore clothes from others i didnt really sit back appreciate the essence of everything that went into it. It took me a couple delayed starts and one failed attempt in the beginning to really put more thought and effort into what i want Stuffed to be about. So i took a hands on approached cut out the middle man bought myself a silk screen press and jumped in head first to start creating the line myself. Stuffed is really about living a fulfilled life with everything life has to offer the good, bad, and ugly but enjoying every bit of it. Our motto is Always Full Never Fool. Always feel free to write us on Hypebeast or through email on our site we love answering any questions about Stuffed. Because at the end of the day we want to be appreciated not just for our garments but for great customer service because we want to have a long lasting relationship with all our supporters. So check us out [URL]

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Started by [Stuffed Clothing] - 2012 Official Discussion Thread, 2 Weeks ago in Brands Everyone has to start somewhere and fortunately for me i have to start at the bottom and crawl before i walk. Im just a baby in this clothing game and all i want to do is have my voice heard and say something at the end of the day. Im just starting but things will progress in a major way. Full of Knowledge or Food For Thought is something that will be relayed as the line starts to progress. We use the Stuffed bear in a illogical way some people see a bear and dont think of the Stuffed animal they see bear and think what the hell does that have to do with the name, but it will all make sense when we get this tiny line a fruition so stick with me on this journey and at the end of the day you will be satisfied. Summer line dropping soon!!!! Thanks and Stay Full and never Fool !!!

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[url=] Independent line that im trying to expand. Summer drop with a series of tees coming soon.

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