PM sent, lemme know if you got it

Replied in {FS} UNDFTD, ROGUE STATUS, DTA, STUSSY, FLYING COFFIN, DIAMOND, BLACK SCALE, HALL OF FAME, ADIDAS, A, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel when they actually send pics, forums, eBay and local skateshops

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Sounds like they're going to fucked up the release version with a gum bottom, pass if that happens

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Changing to a fiat currency fucked us up but reverting to a gold standard I don't think is the way either because of how high of a commodity gold is and with foreign trade we'd be fucked unless everyone adopts a gold currency. The answer is just make the Federal Reserve an actual federal entity where there's regulations in place and a limit of how much money you can print.

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Man Hank is a pestering motherfucker but he's a beast and the preview for the next episode looks sick

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Do all the standard checks make sure you got your anti-virus/firewall exceptions set for the games, check your graphic card settings if it's non-dedicated check BIOS make sure you got a decent enough memory allocated toward it. Update drivers you could also get some compressed air, take off the bottom and clear all the dust that's in there because sometimes it'll choke up the fan and cause the graphic card to over-heat.

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[Quote] True to an extent but if you have multiple lines of credit open that reflects badly on your shit also so it's good to maybe have 2 or 3 open. Also, common sense but never do a cash advance on a credit card

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Gin and Tonic Vodka and Lemon Juice (Lemon JUICE not Lemonade) Patron shots

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You're fucked..literally Sayonara. In the words of Chappelle: Night night, keep your butthole tight!

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[Quote] +1 Really only feeling stance on VIP cars

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Cool concept but it's probably going to flop, laptop gaming on the go is always going to be garbage for the most part

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Kinda tripped out that Source engine is 7 years old already but still is graphically nice as it is.. Anyway, as long as they tweak the recoil and make it more like 1.6, it's a cop

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The suede looks like shit in the second picture in terms of quality, jury is still out on these for me so far.

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When they got jacked for their shit last episode it seems like they barely got any of their product taken. I'm guessing the guys targeting Gus are from the cartel of the boss he tipped the feds off to in Season 3. So he's just trying to move calculated right now.

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Infrared's, hell of a lot less common and just a doper all around shoe to me at least and easier to keep nice looking

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