How should i size if im a 9 in jack purcells's, 9 in nikes, and and 8 in converse?

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So, im in the market for new jeans, and i really like the fit of my dockers alpha khaki, so my question is as follows - What is the levi model fit comes close to that of the dockers alpha khaki?

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i'm looking for a spot in NY that carries small bearbricks, lookin' to cop any suggestions?

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anyone? just site names no links

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aint the greatest quality but after hearing these tracks, i'm looking foward to the sophomore album Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4 Track 5 Discuss?

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can anyone estimate my size for the penfield ottawa? im about 5'8 or 9 164 lbs. i was thinking medium thank you to anyone that can tell ne

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anyone know what brands have decent to great quality Parka's and gore-tex's? from like a $1-300 range? thanks in advance HB Fam

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lets discuss?

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Ight, lets discuss Uniqlo Ya'll

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Id like to know what some of you would have to say. Go.

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im looking for a jacket in this style ideally in black, with thick material for the fall/winter, quality and affordable. (highest id go would be for 70$) any suggestions?

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if i want the 501 to fit slimmer without tailoring, should i size down? im a 34 in waist, just a quick question then the mods can close this thread.

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Does anyone have any info on where i can get long, or semi-long sleeved raglan tee with printed graphics? any info or website suggestions would help guys. and im not talking the basic ones sold at topman, oldnavy etc.

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G.O.O.D Music plans a rather unusual, but remarkable move in September. According to the label

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Yo, so im looking for a canvas shoe that i can be comfortable in, look good when beat, and that will last long. ive got jack purcells and i love them, but i need some suggestions on variety, it'd be great to hear some input.

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