Good tips so far. Here are my thoughts: 1. Investing in a graphic designer for the right products. If I have to explain this reason well good luck for your "company". 2. It's ok to do something different and go against trends. It is very encouraged. Howevver, just because it is not a trendy concept does not mean it is a good idea that will sell well. i would encourage getting feedback from people not just in your community, but outside of it. Local feedback is not always the best feedback since your overall goal SHOULD BE to sell your brand to a broad audience. 3. Invest in more than just "standard" blanks. Consider spending a bit more money on a garment that is not your run-of-the mill 5 panel hat, blank t-shirt or hoody. This gets old real fast and one of a few reasons consumers would prefer a $45 cotton/blend tshirt from a major brand. don't just consider the fabric and cut, but colors as well. 4. Take the time to research FUTURE fashion trends. Be 2 seasons ahead of the competition.

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Best thing you have going is the hat. I find it odd the way it is stitched with the seam running through the middle. Also, the quality of the hats on your IG do not look very good witht he one that has all of them in the box. Theylook pre-owned/washed. What is the fabric content? Is a poly/cotton blend? It appears to have a brushed surface.

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[Quote]Feels too 2013. I am not a fan of that red tartan being for menswear. Looks too bright. Personally I'm done with zippers, but i do like the red/black.

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[Quote]Good to hear. You never know where a compliment will lead you. Saw a pic of the rose fabric on Tumblr. Looks nice. If you don't mind me asking, your brand US made or is most of it outsourced? Manufacturing in state may be expensive starting, but eventually costs will go down. I hope more brands chose to produce in the US to assist in dropping prices. Oregon seems to be a hot spot right now for contractors.

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When presenting a product it is best to see it styled with something else to give the consumer a bigger vision. personally, its a tad too bright and i do not care for the attatched logo.

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As much as I appreciate their marketing strategy, I rarely find what I like from them. Maybe I'm just getting older, but lady shirts with "swag","bitch" and middle fingers are not my style. Plus there are too many overpriced brands on there with weak designs.

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[Quote]Fate/Stay series Moribito Samurai 7 Claymore maybe Blue Exorcist

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All the advice I listed my family is doing. I can't expect to afford my hobbies if we are always wasting the little bit of extra cash we have. I have 2 savings accounts, 1 I hide from my boyfriend b/c he will find a way to spend some of it on stuff (eating out, movies, bowling, beer, etc.) No they are not bad things and I like doing this stuff with the kids, but it is NOT necessary. Put that money away or pay off a credit card or something. I do have my own dreams and i am trying not to let other people bring me down. My boyfriend is not creative, does not like art or fashion so my "dreams" are farfetched and odd to him. i would say he is 60% the reason why I have not fully pursued my dreams. He controls most of where our money goes b/c of his business covers all extra spending beyond household necessities. He has that alpha male mentality too. Also due to previous failures I am hesitant to spend money only to not turn a profit. But i have not tried hard enough to reach my goals. I've failed on a few projects so i just quit. I am very shy, developing anxiety for some odd fucking reason, and unfortunately most of the people in the industry i know are men and that's a problem for my bf. Understandable, but seriously aint no dudes chasing me around when I walk into a streetwear store.

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I think people need to figure out the wants vs the needs and think outside the box on how they can reach their dreams and earn cash while at that job they hate. Find out what is truly necessary in life that can still keep you proactive, happy, but save money immediately or in the long run. For example: changing car insurance, cancelling the cable, cheaper phone plan, getting rid of unused items that can sell decently, cutting off the a/c for awhile, not eating out, stop buying expensive foods, shop at more than 1 grocery store, use coupons and retailer benefits like Walmart savings catcher, etc. People don't realize where their money goes to. I suggest for those who are working to have a strict budget and stay as close to it as possible b/c it is so easy to lose track. Whatever you manage to save, put it away and don't touch it! Otherwise you are doing all this for what?? Not reach your dreams??

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Wow this is much more embarrassing than I thought. At first this was just for the Skilshare class. then i really focused on what I wanted to do. But i'm glad i didn't try to sew this. I would have wasted my cash. LOL. Anywho, here is the best example I have of product development. [URL] [Image]

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I got tons IDC about, but eh my skills are not exactly there. I am too lazy to upload pictures(and redo my logins) so here's some links at least. Most of this stuff is older. I generally don't finish designs cuz I come up with too much shit: [URL]

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good points. -Trends in general. There is just way too much of everyone trying to be trendy(Walmart included). And when a brand actually decides to do something different and it looks good, other brands rush to follow behind them and the cycle continues (i.e Stampdla, 10Deep most notably). -streetwear as an actual trend among non streetwear brands (i.e highend designers) and vice versa.  I don't mind joggers to much since it gives dudes more clothing options. Ya gotta admit ya wardrobes are pretty limited compared to womenswear. But it does need a break.

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I'll remember to come here when I feel like what I'm doing doesn't matter. Most are very brand new. Some are not. I'll have to find something to contribute.

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[URL] streetwear menswear art design photography

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