im lookin for that pic where some white guy whos either a midget or short has his hand on his chin its a funny looking pic anyone know what im talkin bout please and thank u

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Anyone seen this shit? It's on Netflix. I thought it was gonna be some cheesy after school special movie about online predators but it ended up being one of the most fucked up movies I've ever seen smh smh smh  The images in this film will burn deep into your brain. If you've never seen and interested in watching I suggest you don't Google it, [b]it'll only lead to huge spoilers. [/b] Who's seen this? This film needs to be discussed!

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i'm getting a wells fargo card in about 1-2 weeks. teller says i can put any pic i want on the card. smokeyface post what pics you'd love to see on I AM THE DANGER's bank card when he pulls out and drops racks on shit. we'll have one lucky winner in this thread.

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[Image] smokeyface

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troubleman31 is t.i. [Image] hehe

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[Image] Porn Stars Angelina Castro and Sara Jay made a Twitter bet that if the Miami Heat won the NBA Title they would give their followers blow jobs. They are women of their word. Here are the details. Date: August 2, 2012 – in Miami (Location To Be Announced) BLOWJOBS GIVEN TO ALL CONFIRMED TWITTER FOLLOWERS WHO ARE OVER 21 WITH ID ***MUST FOLLOW BOTH @SaraJayxxx & @AngelinaCastroX to qualify *** [Quote]

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[Image] yall fuck with these?

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This new guide design is ass... Anyone else agree?

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Just dropped mins. Ago [URL] smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface SUPPORT TEH MOOVMINT!

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[URL] Isn't the view lovely? I'd love to visit this place one day. smokeyface

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Because this one song deserves its own thread. &)&) [URL]

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[Quote] Then I would have sympathy for him. Thats their only excuse.

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̥͇̠̤̠ .̢ͤ̆ͪ͆͛̆́̈҉̯̯̬̰̹̘͍͚̟̱̝̥͇̠̤̠́͝ͅ.̢ͤ̆ͪ͆͛̆́̈҉̯̯̬̰́͝ ̹̘͍ ͚̟̱̝̥͇̠̤̠ͅ.̢ͤ̆ͪ͆͛̆́̈҉̯̯̬̰̹̘͍͚̟̱̝̥͇̠̤̠́͝ͅ.ͤ̆ͪ͆͛ ̢̆́̈ ?) Anyone?

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