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Yeah I bout a bunch of my kicks there. If you wanna purchase some former Goodfoot product, I'm throwing up a near mint pair of J5 Grapes up in the Lower Mainland Buy n Sell thread blushing Seems like the store closing is coinciding with my decision finally to change my look and get outta the game....whew!

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Just got mine this week. I've wanted them for so long and finally decided to treat myself. Well same thing happened as the rest of you guys. Tried to give em the detailed once over prior to breaking them out, tried to rub out a thin hairline scratch that most wouldnt even see and ended up with a big ugly ass water mark stain. I ended up having to wet both toeboxes fully and restore the pile with a eyeglass cloth to even out the tone. Bummed.

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Hey clou, where did your bro pick up his pair in Vancouver? Any word on how the avail for sizes is?

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Hi all, Anyone know how you can get replacement Nike insoles (eg. for Air max 90)? All those aftermarket gel ones are just terrible, nothing beats just stock foam ones.

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I totally agree. Miss that sweet mesh look. On a side note, anyone know where you can get a hold of some Air Max 90 stock insoles? I need a new pair and hate the feel of all that aftermarket gel crap.

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Hey guys, I recently picked up a pair of infrareds on eBay but received them without insoles. Obviously I'm choked since the AM90 classic insole was supposed to be part of the package. Whatever. Anyway, anyone know where you can cop am90 insoles just to fill my shoes with something? Or any similar aftermarket ones?

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I was just at Goods in Seattle, they have all three dot colorways in pretty much all sizes. I actually made a special trip down there for em but decided against it when I tried them on. Although I knew going in that they were windbreakers, they are really thin feeling. Like so thin that you can scrunch them up in one hand. They fit real short too. Too bad they didn't make it in a cotton hoody instead of a windbreaker.

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Are there official names for each account? What is someone expected to find (eg. to what degree of exclusivity) at a certain account?

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For information purposes my gratitude to anyone who can share some information on Nike accounts existing in the Lower Mainland and Seattle area. Specifically, what are these accounts called and what someone is expected to find at a certain account. Eg. Livestock, Goodfoot, Underworld, RDS, Goods, Capitol1524, etc. Thanks for any help guys.

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FS: Size 9 black Jordan spiz'ikes purchased from DIPT. Never worn and willing to show receipt. I decided that I don't want them and may just end up returning them to the store. Email me at [email]trevwong88@hotmail.com[/email] if you're interested.

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Sorry for the "confirmation" request but the black spiz'ikes are GR in the States? If so I suppose putting them on ice doesn't serve much of a resale purpose. Just gotta decide if I feel them enough to keep and bring out later. I picked up a sz 9 from Dipt but am seriously thinking of returning them since I got caught up and paid top dollar.

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Do you guys think the Black Spiz'ikes are worth putting on ice for later? Picked up a pair (sz 9) at a small local shop but don't wanna waste the money if they're everywhere on everyone. Just how limited are they? Any rumors on production run? I jumped on ebay and tons of people are trying to flip them right now. Thanks for the opinions blushing

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I need your help as well Bape experts. I was originally interested in a pattern I saw on eBay. Right away I know eBay has a REALLY high percentage of fape. The reasonable price doesn't make it any more trust worthy. However, the seller has some pretty good feedback, I'm just wondering if the people who bought the stuff don't know the difference. Thanks for checking it out and keeping things legit http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=002&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=120065845920&rd=1&rd=1

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