i know it sounds dumb but im joining because its something to do, see the world and stuff, get some personal discipline/control. im not doing to protect/serve my country. FUCK MY COUNTRY.

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this one time right after p.e i went for a piss and as i walked in the bathroom theres this MASSIVE bogroll lying on the floor i knew i needed to do something with it just didnt know what so i put it in my bag, got on the bus to go home, i was like hey guys, look what i got, so we rolled like 50ft+ each of roll and stuck it out the window closed the window to keep it on, the bus went for miles with toilet roll just flying bout like some parade,cars kept honking there horns and shit, people were laughin pointing and shitt, (driver didnt know) then we got pulled over, two cops came up to the bus doors like err why you got bogroll coming out the back of the bus? the bus driver was like WHATT?!?!? at this point i was like ohhhh shit opened the emergency exit and split w/ma friends lol good times

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the whole colours thing is cool but just to take it another level apply it to reality ie what if what i think is reality is as laughable as pink elephants and shit and vice versa, what if our whole world is a pretentious reality like a mass dream between everyone and really we dont even exist?

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im sorry for doing this i know this thread is about someone else but it saves starting another thread but i have some questions/problems what is bi-polar is it mood swings? because i get really bad mood swings all the time like hyper, angry, tired, suicidal,happy, chilled and just nothing am i bi-polar? +do you ever fell that you dont know who you are and you fell like your wearing a mask all the time /cant be yourself but when you try to be you dont know who you are?? sorry for stealing the thread a bit

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i always like to think of stuff like this recently i had one which was, the fact that every day is today, you can never get to tomorrow because when you wake up "tomorrow" its today so "tomorrow is something you can never get to/have.

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they have any greyone hats? goin there in a couple of weeks

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