who likes table tennis? i just got back into it and i love it.

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so this kid and his team of justin beiber lovers are claiming this and that about how they are gonna ruin the lives of people who are hating on justin beiber. it's fucking amazing. if you have a few hours to waste, you can navigate through all the real responses that this kid is receiving (especially lifeinatent). enjoy. [URL]

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interviewing people at sneaker pimps. game over.

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i so scare.

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although we only have about 20 brain cells combined here we still gotta try. watch the videos and figure out the clues. come up with whatever you can. welostourgold.com

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i hear she's doing movies lately. the show is going to shit and the new girls are all trying to be her which is pretty annoying.

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shit has me torn apart. you need to know first that a big paycheck is not what im looking for. ok so i graduate in a month from automotive school. i can start going out and look for jobs. im shooting for nissan because i like what they're about. OR i can sign up for bmw's training program. a 25000 dollar program all paid by bmw. it will be another 6 months of schooling and im sick of school. most of you would think im crazy because this seems like an easy decision but here is why it's giving me trouble. nissan, an asian brand, makes their cars very easy to work on compared to euro brands. nissan's sports cars are more popular with the aftermarket industry so upgrades are endless. bmw, a german brand, makes their cars a bit harder to work with. germans are known to over engineer their parts. a simple part found in an asian car may be found in a bmw but requires some crazy high tech mechanism. im sorta exaggerating but you get the idea. bmw's cars are less accessible to the aftermarket industry compared to nissan and pricier. if i make it through this program i am almost guaranteed a job. i have planned to go with the nissan path for months already and now i am bestowed with this awesome opportunity so i really dont know what to do. so.. nissan pros: easier to work on, big aftermarket, i can look for a job in a month, i can get a 370z cheap : ), my experience with nissan can prepare me for a career in the aftermarket industry nissan cons: less prestigious, i may work with a lower class clientele that will complain about high maintenance and repair costs, i may not even be able to get a job with them if they are not hiring. bmw pros: bigger paycheck, i will feel prouder, the majority of the clientele will definitely not care about how much it costs to fix it "just make it work again sir!!", small repairs will have premium costs meaning more money for me, ima get a M3 with red interior!!!!, 25000 training program all paid off, a job is guaranteed after training. bmw cons: 6 more months of school and if i fuck up i would waste a few months of my life. the program has strict ass rules. you cant miss more than a day of class, you cant be late (the center is a 45 minute drive from home), clean driving record, etc. their cars are harder to work on which is intimidating since im still a noob, working with bmw will mean working with a ton more of electrical problems and i still suck with electrical work.

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installing an act clutch kit in my 04 sti. gonna dyno it and hope for some gains!

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im talking about the one with the screens. they eat up your battery if you dont use your car for two days.

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holy fuck this guy is amazing. the facejacker series just released today. get on it.

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this kit alone added about 50-60 horses!! [Image]

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well since everyone must make a thread about every single thought they have, i'll try it. if you ever go on the strip in vegas and park your car in a parking lot, did you ever notice the shoe prints all over the walls and pillars? people take off their shoes, slap the walls really hard and leave a dirt print of their shoes. it was in every parking lot i parked in. i don't understand what that shit's about. it was literally EVERYWHERE on every wall.

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anyone have any real ones? i'm starting one this year.

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recommendations please. i can't afford to pay for these cops' donuts any longer.

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so i was doing some research on a few cars that my classmates have. an 05 sti has around 220 horses stock and a four cylinder engine. my eclipse gt has 268 horses, a 6 cylinder engine and is front wheel drive. i get a lot of shit for my car for obvious reasons, and the only aspect of my car that gets some respect is the stock horsepower. so i just wanna know if my car can beat the sti on the quarter mile?

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