What is that stuff in the "extra stuff" pic? I see a wallet, and what else?

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wesc denims / work 511 levis / not giving a fuck n&f weird guys / weekends

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ayy will you do 30 shipped for the jason mark cleaning system man??? Pm me?!?!

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Bounty Hunter & Fuck You BS Tee's [URL] Awesome seller,fast shipping and great communication. 1000000% LEGIT!!! Stemz approved!!!

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[Quote] hahha i did that shit the other day i felt so bad..

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Shit i remember when i use to smoke (Fuck my new job) when i'm low on weed i'll usually save all my roaches and roll one blunt full of residue and that shit fucks me up man. Have any of yall ever throw up when your smoking weed??? My homie throw up after the second blunt in the hotbox before hahaha i was trippen / laughing hella hard...

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Is it bad if i steamed my naked & famous denim cause they got pretty wet when it was raining?? I really didn't want to put them in the dryer.

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Soulja boy joints i think there called yum yumms lol...

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Found a macbook in the middle of the street near my housing complex, shit was just scuffed on one of the corners so im guessing it was laying on the back of somebodys trunk and fell of but the funny thing was hella cars were just swerving out the way and i just stopped and picked it up.

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That awkward moment when you smoke weed before school and you go to first period late and when you open the door everybody looks at you awkwardly and to find out that your zippers down. Hahha shit happened to me lol...

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Dam the vegas thread on here is dead as f**k.Were yall at vegas!!!!!

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Fuck a supra its all about MR2 hahaha jk...Shit who doesnt love a supra??!!!!

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Suns been a fan ever since steve nash been with them.He's just a beast but i personally think when the suns traded shawn marion for shaq the suns havent been doing good ever since but this year there doing WAY better then ever!!!!

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Kinda depends on what kicks im wearing like if im wearing vans or cons i wont do cuffs but if im wearing some jordans or sb ill cuff my jeans.Thats just me..

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Shit mine were legos,Hotwheels and dragon ball z action figures.I miss when i was younger, got away with so much shit hahaha i remember when i use to go to walmart and steal so much hot wheels lmao..

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