FS Supreme S/S 2012 Navy Floral Camp Cap Looking for $90shipped in US. I will ship out of the States but it'll cost you. DM for PayPal info. [Image]

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[Image] Lowest price on ebay is $355 and it's being bid on.

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[Image] HB I'm stressing the fuck out right now. I finally found a bitch to fuck and after my first time we go at it again and I got caught up and came inside her. What do I do?! smh smh smh

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What are you guys wearing this winter? Any boot suggestions? I need a pair but I'm a sneaker guy. Let's use this to discuss various models and shit. blushing

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Anyone here ever let a girl put her finger up your ass? I've heard from a lot of different people that it's supposed to make me nut like I've never nutted before, but idk.. Like is it worth it? I mean, I've done some pretty slutty shit, but not this slutty. Lemme know if you have and how it went. Tbh, this chick is bad, and no, I'm not linking pics. Inb4 picsorgtfo.

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It's an age old debate, who had the best verse on this song. Please respond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mywxTIM-iPY&ob=av3e

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These are sick, discuss http://sneakernews.com/2011/11/25/nike-zoom-kd-iv-weatherman-new-images/ smokeyface

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http://shop.ronniefieg.com/products/sebago-odanak-men-brown OR http://shop.ronniefieg.com/products/sebago-seneca-brown Anyone have info on sizes? I wear a 12/13. Site says to size down a half size to a full size. My friend told me to size down 2 full sizes. Help?

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http://www.wisn.com/news/29643781/detail.html "The marijuana filled a dump truck."

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Burr! Burr! [Image] BRICKSQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!

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http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/homicide-charges-filed-in-fetal-abduction-case-131494733.html O___O

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You have to choose between being able to give/receive oral sex OR the ability to eat cheese (and everything that contains cheese). By choosing cheese, you'll never have the opportunity to give or receive oral sex. By choosing oral sex, you'll never have the opportunity to eat anything containing cheese. This would be for the rest of your life. What's more important to you?

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I'm thinking about trading my 13s for a pair of Argon Blue Air Jordan 11 IE [Image] Yay or nay?

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They were my first pair of Jordans, and I know finding them will be hard as fuck but I have to get these! lol. Released back in 1999. Hit me with offers. I'm willing to spend decent money on these depending on the condition. [Image] smokeyface

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I'm looking for some new shit. Suggestions? Edit: I might be asking the wrong crowd seeing as how half the members still live with their parents.. tongueface

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