Mustaches are getting more and more popular. Most of my friends have one or want one, hah. Only a certain kinda guy can pull off the stache by it's self though.

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Surprised to see so many people on here into BMX. I ride everyday if I can. Here's my ride: [Image] S&M Blackbike V.2, Odyssey Wombolt cranks, Primo fork, Tree hot bars, Redneck stem... etc.

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Here's a quick list off the top of my head: Fat Tire Goose Island Oatmeal Stout Guiness Extra Stout Sam Adams Brown Ale Newcastle Brown Ale Smithwicks

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Yeah. I definitely enjoyed listening to Menos El Oso more.

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They got some good stuff at [URL]

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Just get some Chukka Lows!

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The Black/white Vans Eras are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. They look great too. I'd say go with those.

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I love Minus The Bear. Saw thim in Chicago with Mewithoutyou and Thursday. The show was bad ass to say the least!

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