nice watches but i dont rock em

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orlando thread is dead everywhere

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So im trying to get my hands on it but i can't any advice or help????

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g35 is not a beginner car but it all depends if ur a beginner i got a g35 but y first car was a 240sx

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wow look i dont know where you guys are from but im a mechanic in orlando florida i used to street race and i learned all my knowledge from a nissan and exotics specialist now a few facts about the gtr and the v spec, first the gtr is a limited production car and i have seen a couple its base price is 70 grand and there is no word of a vspec for this model only a LM model and it starts at 110 grand it will be out this summer. the car is not faster than the younger brother version it is just nicer looking ....... if your looking to race your better off getting the r34 if your looking for street cred get an r35

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