thoughts? inb4 key his car jokes tongueface

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So im not the techy type of guy and i know many of you are. I have a galaxy s3 how do i put songs on it???

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So i live 3 hours away from home in some rural fuckin campus. Were not allowed to have cars as freshmen. how do i make money. i know a couple of gymrats who flexes muscles to random people online and they make a shit ton im plannin on doin it . any other suggestions. im down to do watever for money as long as its nt some homo shit.

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Okay so the beginning of Spring semester and my roommate has been tagging along with me to the gym. I prefer to work alone but i dont want to be mean so i just let him lift with me. From what i know, this kid is trying to compete with me. Couple weeks in and this kid is able to press more while i improved little although i still shit on him on back and leg days. So i checked myself out in the mirror this morning and i realized that my muscles got smaller. Im startin to suspect this kid has been putting something in my protein drink (which is sitting right in my desk in the dorm room) that somehow made me lose muscle mass. Mind that im rarely in the the dorm while this nigga never goes out. Im paranoid that hes been fuckin with me just to get ahead. Is this possible HB or am i just overly paranoid???

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So my Father who left us years ago came back just to see us. I dont wanna go too much into detail but the nigga was basically repenting for leaving us. Now he's offering us to pay for our schooling. But i said NOOO!! My fam survived 10 years without his ass so why do we need him now. I told that nigga the door was open and he should leave. He said that he was gonna come back another day for a more appropriate time then i told him to make sure that i wasn't home the next time he comes around. I don't know wtf he does now but he has another wife. Overall it felt good to tell him off but i didn't even care cause im deeply in loved with this woman i drive around hahahhaha

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This subject has peaked my interest. The diverse populations we have today. m willing to find out where each and everyone of us really come from and the family tree. i know at some point i belonged at some tribe were my true genetic origins really come from and its purity. this right here is pretty interesting [Embed content]

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posted mine already in another thread so fuk you

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Sike! You bitch asses jus got style on niggers!!

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As i have observed in the automobile section, i see many of you younging driving in high end whips. I know damn well yall couldnt afford those. what yo daddys and mommys jobs that yall have the indecency to ride their dicks for them to give you such luxury??

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So i worked out today. I did 4 sets of leg press. After that i got off the machines and i felt hella dizzy as fuck. I figured it wasnt enough so i went to do lunges but i couldn't do it cos my knees would give up evrytime i went down. All in all was it a good work out regardless??? i just did 4 sets of leg presses..

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Ok so my topic is the impact of social networking site on society. my prof was nice enough to add how it affects political factions in china and egypt. so great now i have to do more. thing is due tomorrow. what yall think HB you think i can crank this out in 1 day????

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So my budget is 300 dollars. Im in need/want of a smartphone. What can i get for this budget. I have t mobile so iphone is out of the way. Whats the newest topnotch or still nice workin smartphone can i get. Oh and a planless one too..

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I returned it and got my money back so all is good. Now i still want me to get a smartphone. Being that its black friday/cybermonday. Is it possible for me to get a top notch smartphone ( s2/s3, nexus w/e) with these holiday sales??? Mind that i alredy upgraded and got my new sim card and errthang so i needa a phone without a plan.

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