real get it in!!

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Anyone else see a problem with this? Portuguese get it in.

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What equipment do you use? Im about to pick this up sometime this week. M-audio torq exponent [Image] I know its not the most advanced piece of machinery, but its perfect for what I want to do. A great price too.

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There have been threads similar to this one made before on HB but they always seem to get shitted on. So im going to start off by listing some artists i enjoy listening to, and then I will link some youtube vids. laid back luke ferry corsten armin van buuren freakadelik atb bosa system 4strings benny b (saw him live at the guv, dude knows how to get a crowd going) dj chuckie ajp brooklyn bounce clubzone skam 2minds darude david guetta (his newer stuff is in my opinion slipping, but its understandable. hes gotta eat to) deadmau5 green velvet groove coverage energy 52 erick e fedde le grand (saw him live at a club downtown, simply amazing) junior jack dim chris eric prydz foggy happy hardcore idan van dahl mellefresh outwork Now some music... dj chuckie - let the bass kick [URL] Please feel free to add some more artists/vids. I will be keeping this thread alive. PEACE!

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I just got mine taken out, I was sedated when the dentist did it.. he put me on that UV and boom TKO'ed for about 1.5 hours. Now my mouth is all numb and Im about to pop a couple of percocet when the numbness is gone smokeyface oh yeah perks are fun. Anyone else had their wisdom teeth done?

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Anyone heard about this game? Its out November 3rd.. kind of reminds me of Diablo which is a good thing. I will most likely be picking this and mw2 in November. Trailer [URL]

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This may be the wrong forum to make this post on, but I understand that there still is a older crowd here. Who has been to Ibiza before? How is it? I mean hows the atmosphere, the club scene, the women, the beaches. I have a few distance friends that have been there and I get mixed reviews.. Some say it was the best experience of their life and others say it sucked. I understand that it is most definitely the number one club spot in the world but I would like some more opinions from anyone who's been there.. please share smokeyface Edit: Thought I would add this [URL]

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If you are looking to see Kratos on the PlayStation 3 before 2010, you will soon have a chance to play through the first two games before the upcoming God of War III. Sony announced today that it will release the God of War Collection this Holiday season for the PS3. The God of War Collection features reworked versions of both God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray Disc at full 1280 x 720 resolution. Both games, originally released on the PlayStation 2, have been remastered with anti-aliased graphics running at 60 frames per second. Fans of the series can also look forward to newly added Trophy support included in both games.

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Has anyone ever gotten into some serious shit with credit card companies? I mean.. like you max out 2-3 cards and then your fucked because you cant pay them? I have 2 credit cards but only use one, just for that reason. Im usually pretty good at controlling my spending habits. The reason I ask this is because I have a friend whos in some shit with cc companies. Thoughts?

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This is a keg [Image] You can purchase a keg right in your own city and invite friends over! Be sure to charge them atleast $5 to drink your beer!

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[URL] Anderson silva clowned him! haha that shit was even funnier live.

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This is a good breath of fresh air for hip-hop.. im only on the 5th track. Im sure these guys will do the game some good right now.. opinions?

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I just ordered my pair of wesc's standard jeans, so im not even sure if this brand is worthy of having their own denim thread. How is this denim for the price? What could you compare the fit to on the standard raw pair? Any insight would be cool.. thanks. Jacked straight from kl [Image]

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[URL] Discuss

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This has to be most insane driving I have ever seen. I would love to see him do this in a evo [URL]

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