[Quote] i fuck with it bro. you tryna work man??

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aye thanks for everybody that responded. i know im late but im messaging all yall right now.

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I know its probably another thread like this but fugg it, had to post this. I'm an aspiring rapper and I need beats bad man. Anybody on here got some shit they feel like tossin me? I'll take anything, my producer has been bullshittin lately and I just need some shit to write to... thanks man.

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Bunch of dope upcoming rappers from St. Louis. Check it out and tell me what you think. [Embed content]

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[Quote] This. Used to be my straight ♥♥♥♥♥ ... idk what happenend . smh

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shit is dope.. gonna shoot u an email real quick.. im ready bro. here's some of my shit... [URL]

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[Quote] keep doin ya thing man. tape is dope as fuck !

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I think when it came to beats and lyrics it was dope... i think what sucked was the subject matter. Every song was about him being famous now you know? For example: My Last, So Much More, Celebrity, Live This Life... and the list goes on. Not to say they weren't dope tracks, just repetitive. And plus he's not the only rapper guilt of this shit, Drake & Wiz kinda too.

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Its between the Freshwater Griffey's or the Black Cement 3's...I might end up with the Griffey's even though every ♥♥♥♥♥ in St. Louis is gonna have em. but DEFINITELY copping the Concord's in December... nothing else matters lol

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man yall making this hard to chose. all of yall shit is dope. anybody talkin about selling one of these ?

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Don't get me wrong, im happy my ♥♥♥♥♥ Lil B got this big feature...but am I the only curious as to how it came about? lol like I can just imagine Wayne saying "BasedGod, if you kill this verse you can fuck my bitch... and kiss Birdman too" lol.

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The Black/Metallics. I almost copped the Midnight's till I saw more pics. I just ended up getting my Cardinal 7's a few weeks late and just gonna save up for the Black/Metallics

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III's FTW ! ... maybe its just cuz I fucking HATE 14's lol

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[URL] I'm 18 from STL. Tell me what you think fam.

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Ok, I know its old AF but I loved this tape. I got a new computer last year and I cant find a website with a working link to it. Anybody nowhere I can find the tape online or can e-mail it to me ? thanks

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