do a song with dom kennedy

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...we suck...

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[URL] Overall cool interview, I feel 100% how he does about Vol.1 one of my fav Jay albums even still.

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I would hate but he might come out with a pt. 3smh

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Theres probably alot of stuff I havent heard but my fav album is Deeper Than rap, mixtape is So Far Gone (I don't think drake is a great rapper but I like the way he puts his music together).

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^^^ur damn right. What threw ppl off was they were expecting "Neptunes" type music not realizing NERD was a whole nother entity. That album went so under the radar but I'm kinda glad it did

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Dame is probably somewhere laughing his ass off

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Nah, they aren't overrated at all. I don't even know any1 who knows who they are or listens to thier music. Someone like say Jay-z or Justin Timberlake is overrated. I agree about Seeing Sounds going stale fast however their first 2 albums are briliant.

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dumbest thread ever

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I think joey needs to take a serious break from away the internet for a while.

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yuppy music. this belongs at the ending credits of a weeds episode. nowhere else

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cellz is bonkers

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lyrics? yes, flow? no, albums? yes, influence? no

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lol@Ross taking her truck on some Bauwse status. Not really as devastating to RR as I thought it might be. I think he can still come back......unless 50 is currently makin a porn with her

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Soulja boy brings this upon himself. All the hatred he receives he deserves it and it is completely justified, take this video for example. dudes a clown not b/c hes "young" or makes music for kids hes just wack period.

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