lol, had this convesation before... i said Supes but the next dude brought up the shit about how Goku has that teleportation technique. If he takes him to a place where there's no sun and they duke it out for long enough. Sooner or later Supes is gonna lose all his sun power and then its a wrap..

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Batman hands down... Spiderman is a youth, who fucks up often and his powers aren't overbearing like a thor, a superman. Batman is a maniac, his power is his will. He's already devised a plan on how to beat the strongest..just in case... with all the resources he has...he would murder spiderman given a moment to prepare.. I wouldnt be surprised if he slapped up Spiderman in an impromptu battle either. ps. he's beat superman before.

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[Quote] Quoting 1 of the 10 girls on this forum is so played but this is straight ridiculous.

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This thread is the bomb diggity. Dov Charney is the man. They arent all pretty but damn they're mysterious.

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[Quote] FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GET SOME LONGER SHIRTS AND STOP DEPENDING ON YOUR UNDERSHIRTS TO COVER YOUR MIDSECTION.... Really though...having your undershirt visible after your shirt ends has gotta be one of the things you stop doing in grade school...otherwise the fits not bad but damn...its embarassing

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I think the first five were worse then the bottom five up until number one.... That shit is crucial.

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Morning, So i'm fresh for the day, cant be having that sleepy smell till I get home again.

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[Quote] Lol. I was about to post the same thing.

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wow.... Those are probably the most terrifying things i've ever seen...

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I swear Sabretooth is Wolverine's son...

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Going to Italy and trying to bag an italian girl.....with absolutely no connections whilst being black good luck...or red light district?

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Rofl Oh Damn I Thought The First Jail Video Was A Joke..... That Cant Be Real...

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^x2 HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH ROFLL No but seriously now it takes some sick twisted experience to even think up something like that so.........

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I remember chrono trigger! I got to the end....stopped to train and couldnt beat that bitch Lavos... I barely bothered with Chrono Cross

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the first FFVII will remain the best role playing game in history and I didnt even know XIII went to 360 as well. Im going to have to plan for a PS3 though. Tradition FTW

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