That's all. I will return only when this happens. Happy New Years my Young Muffs. Luv Ya. [Embed content]

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Time to stack these and reach ultimate horse power. [b][/b] [b]Promo code.[/b] [i][b]LUXRL1215[/b][/i] = [b]40%[/b] off New [b]30%[/b] off Sale All labels. RRL,D&S,Purple,Black,Blue then you stack with the free shipping free shipping code. [b][i]freeship125 Just copped a racks worth of bear sweaters bout to keep one and resell the rest in 2 months for at least twice that. Come EAT WITH MEsmokeyface[/i][/b] [Image]

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Can we talk about it? [Image]

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Knew this was coming but now it's official. Ralph is about to be The Gap. [Image]

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Dude flipped it lmao... [Embed content] Dude needs to become a defense lawyer.laughingsmokeyfaceangryface

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Just read about this not a super Banksy fan but kinda cool. [Image] [Embed content]

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So I stole this from NT but I feel it might be appreciated here as well. But I never really tripped off Hilary Duff but this made me notice after having a baby she put that weight distibution to work....wheeeew.. [Image]

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Bout to start over from scratch and begin a new canvas in this installment of life. Not sure how i feel right now... [Image]

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dead.[Embed content]

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[Image] I'd still smash them all....blushing [Embed content]

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This pic. [Image]

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So i was reading through different threads I rarely give a shit about and i came across.... And as the OP did i too will most likely get flamed for this but seriously.... WHAT THE FUCK MAKES FADES COOL? I know I'm a few years late on asking this but... I mean there is the quality and durability of raw denim but the whole no wash & my fades are "my expression" or "unique twist" just sounds stupid as shit to me. Wearing your $300 jeans till they look like Kirk Cobain came back from the grave in them is a weird ass trend to me. How did it start and how many of ya'll really think the whole keep it dirty my jeans are unique because they are faded and fucked up is a form of style expression and if so. Why not do like the punk rockers in the 70's & 80's did and just dog the shit out of some levi's. I just don't get it. Most of the jeans that people praise as grails for the fades and deterioration I would have thrown out asap when they looked half as damaged. I know every generation has their trend and specific tastes but dudes on the thread I posted were really trying to make it like it was an artistic expression of divine proportions. I don't buy it. Thoughts & Opinions HB? Let me know the science. ?) "Why do you care so much about people knowing you put ur cell phone in ur left pocket?" - Inactive OP

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The dickride is intense. The akwardness is priceless. The fuckery is premium. The turn up factor at around 4 minutes is stupendous. My hats off to this strange little middle aged man.[Image] [Embed content]

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For 2015 I am proposing that people who take their photos in dressing rooms need to GTFOH. Anybody could go to a store and get fitted in the fly shit and flick it up. But that ain't YOUR gear or the fit you wore. Fronting ass muffins. I am calling for automatic down vote unity for people who do this in 2015. Need tags popped or you gets no wins. Who's with me!??!? [Image]

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