[Quote]Straight up. It's funny, i just recently came to this realization recently.

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Def recommended. Legit product, easy to deal with and fast shipping. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. Very fair.smokeyface

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Hit me up if you got one for sale. <br>

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Helgen Koor Sub Sportsfreak

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Can't wait for this project. Always appreciate new Cudi.

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RIP to one of the greats

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i'd go with French. Seems like it'd be more practical even tho they're both not common where i live

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Hypebeast Bolaughingen Tumblr

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Goku alllll day

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damn that sucks. Yeah, he was the one i liked most out of the whole group, too.

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i saw "The Fall" awhile back. Def recommend that.

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damn, that is sum rare shit there. I wish B would come out with sum more songs like this again.

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dammn. that Frank Ocean cd is tight..good looks guys

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thought about being in IB before, but now wanna maybe get involved in investment management. I believe there's just as much money without all the hours. Not saying it's easy but definitely the better lane imo

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[Quote] Been to brasil 3 times so far. It's def tight. Im tryna go to Tokyo and Paris before I die too

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