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Surprised this hasn't been posted yet but Curren$y is officially my new fav rapper right now. Seriously dude is droppin nuthin but heat right now [URL]

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Before [Image]

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Not to happy about this. Seems like a B.E.P move to me.. We'll see but N.E.R.D is my fav group hope they don't sell out N.E.R.D. has added a new member and she goes by the name Rhea. Pharell confirmed rumors yesterday stating "Musically, we're just somewhere else with her...The music is now very 3-D." She got the gig after singing His Eye Is On The Sparrow for the crew via Skype. I'm curious to see how the new album "Instant Gratification" will sound. That should be out in 2010 until then catch them on the road with Hov. [Image]

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Don't know if im late or not....but this guy's album is pretty sick.smokeyfacesmokeyface [URL]

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blinkyeyes [URL]

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Who is it??? I gotta go with Jay after the Bp3 and seeing this concert i don't think there is any question.

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So don't get me wrong Cuban Linx 2 is a good album but from a creative standpoint i think Man on the Moon is a better album. Cuban Linx does nothing to move Hip Hop in a new direction and by the 8th song starts to get stale. What do you guys think?

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this shit is like the philly version of the wire [URL]

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This shit is absolute crack. Can't Wait for obfcl2. [Image] [URL]

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wtf is he on. this dude lost his mind [URL]

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Can't front Chris went in on this shit [URL]

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Too bad i cant get this lucky with the powerball [Image]

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