[Image] [Embed content] Wadup HB i got another project out called Rise Mainly produced by myself with ChiLL on the mic if you could give it a listen it would be appreciated [URL] Twitter @Soulbroski @sirchillychill Tumblr: theaustinrebels.tumblr.com

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[Embed content] say cuh Follow @soulbroski and @sirchillychill for dope music !

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[Embed content] Download http://www.hulkshare.com/kw9h1lwxgef4 http://www.datpiff.com/SoulBrotha-Soulbrotha-Blues-N-Grooves-mixtape.370843.html

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Wadup HB I just released a new album ide be grateful if yall gave it a listen [Image] http://www.datpiff.com/The-Austin-Rebels-Seven-mixtape.379408.html [Embed content] All of the songs were produced by us Twitter @Soulbroski @sirchillychill Tumblr: theaustinrebels.tumblr.com Thanks

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Wadup HB! i just made a new beat tape and i would be glad if i got some listens/critique/comments if you like J dilla , 9th wonder, Nujabes etc i think you'll enjoy this tape This is my 2nd beat tape btw [Image] [Embed content] Stream here http://austinrebellion.bandcamp.com/ http://www.datpiff.com/SoulBrotha-Soulbrotha-Blues-N-Grooves-mixtape.370843.html

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[Embed content] I made a lil mashup with "Da art of Chessboxing" vocals [URL]

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[Embed content] any thoughts?

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http://soundcloud.com/soulbrotha22/chill-lights-out-prod-fubby off his new mixtape "Cool zone" Produced by me, as usual any thoughts would be appreciated!

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[Embed content] any comments or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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[Embed content] Any thoughts? I just bought a camera and we decided to shoot a video in downtown austin lol

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[Embed content] any thoughts?! its my first time hearing this track, i think its cool, not the best hashtronaut song but its good

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[Embed content] Any thoughts?

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Ayoooo Hypebeast cats this is my bandmate ChiLL and he just released his mixtape Head in the Clouds a few weeks ago and here is the Single "The Dreamer" (Produced by Me) [Embed content] Were just some niggas from Austin trying to make good music and share it with others Tell me what you think about the mixtape or this track i would love to hear feedback!!! ALSO You can stream his mixtape here http://chillmuzik.bandcamp.com/

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