Yet another PA movie. It's set for a January release. This one is a spin-off and takes place in Oxnard. It's like a cross between Blood In, Blood out and The Exorcist, lol. My hopes aren't too high for this, but I still plan on watching it. We'll see how it goes. [Embed content]

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Looking for a Mont Blanc or box logo hoodie in XL in grey or black. Make me reasonable offers, please.

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Like the College Discussion thread and the Relationship Advice thread, this thread is for those who need advice from those currently pursuing or actually holding a certain career. That being said, I'll start things off. On the off-chance that there are any public relations specialists/managers, copywriters, or anybody trying to get into advertising or public relations on this forum; what would be the best approach to build my resume and be a step of everyone else trying to get into those fields? I've been hired as a copy writer for the company of one of my acquaintances (although, I haven't officially gotten the job yet), and I'm looking at possible internships for this summer/spring. What else could I do to better my chances once I actually complete my undergrad education? Organizations? Grad school? Besides that, any other advice for someone trying to enter the world of PR and advertising? And just in case any of you were wondering, I'm currently a freshman going for a degree in Journalism (with an emphasis in Public Relations). Any help would be appreciated!

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I can do PayPal or pick-ups if you're from the SD area. I'm looking for the Mont Blanc hoodie as well as some cheap tees (sz.. XL preferably), so no rape prices, please. As far as condition goes, the clothes can be used but no cracking or fading. The clothes I want in order of priority: - Arabic Hoodie (either in Navy Blue or Black in L) [willing to pay $100] - Mont Blanc Hoodie (preferably in Grey L, but could also entertain offers for a Grey XL or Black L/XL) - Zodiac (in either Black or Grey, sz. XL or L) - Black/Gray Football Top '08 (sz. XL) - Black Dragon (in either Gray/Blk, Red/Blk or Wht/Blk, sz. XL or L) - Futura Divide & Conquer (Blk/Wht or Wht/Blk, sz. XL or L) Keep in mind: I'm not looking to buy all these pieces, just a couple of them for the right price. Anyways, PM me your offers. Thanks in advance.


Right, so long story short; my cousin's dog chewed on my SD card with a ton of great shots on it, and I was wondering if there is ANY way at all (excluding dropping mad money) to recover the images. I already tried getting them off the card and onto my laptop, but my laptop doesn't even recognize the card. Can anyone help me with this, please? EDIT: I just realized this thread is probably better suited for the Electronics section of the forum. Please move this thread, mods.

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I find Bossa Nova so dope, and I have no idea why. [URL] Share your favorite Bossa Nova songs/videos/artists! smokeyface

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After watching the movie, Zodiac, I started to heavily research the Zodiac Killer case, which led me to watch old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries which piqued my curiosity for other cases. Discuss anything related to the Zodiac murders or any other unsolved cases.

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[URL] AKA Nikki from Fresh Prince [Image] According to his FB, he goes to CSU Northride. Cool story, indeed, bro.

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Been listening to 90's mixes recently. TOO DOPE. Literally every 90's mix I have heard so far has been flawless. For example, [URL]

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Songs that you probably would never consider listening to casually, basically. Van Morrison - Moondance Song is [B]SO[/B] freaking dope.

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Creepiest movie releasing this year next to Trick 'r Treat and Fourth Kind. [URL] This is getting some pretty good reviews, but people are saying it's better to wait and cop this on DVD rather than in a theater full of people.

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