I was beginning to lose hope, but finally a couple of days ago I got the call that my new pair had come in. I walked right out the door with them and felt good. Been wearing them a bit since then, it feels right to be back in those things. If these ones get damaged after so little activity again, I will be seriously pissed. The dood who helped me at the store said that if they go to shite on me again I can bring them back in, but I don't know. I don't have the time or patience to drag my ass to Rainbow every two months to replace my broken-ass jeans, and they shouldn't be coming apart for the price I payed for 'em. Anyway, here's hoping my WeirdGuy's and I have a long and fulfilling relationship together.

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Ten boners, activate.

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Okay I dropped my WeirdGuys off at Over the Rainbow for repairs over two weeks ago, and finally today I got a call saying... that they couldn't fix them. So they told me to come in and they'd just replace them with a new pair of the same style and size. So I came in today, and they tell me that they haven't got my size in. >=( Now in theory Rainbow is really going the distance with their customer service department here. For no charge and with no attitude they offered to repair my jeans, and everytime they had a decision to make about how the process was going to go, they called to consult me. But on the other hand, so far at every single step somebody has cocked up this process. Between the huge wait, the general incompetence of whoever was meant to repair them (how can you be unable to reattach a button? ), the total lack of communication between staff members, and the lack of foresight to check if they had the appropriate pair of jeans in [i]before[/i] telling me to come downtown and pick them up, it's been a very annoying process. Now their male buyer is going to order in the replacement jeans that I need. Knowing how this process has gone so far I think I can look forward to another two week wait, only to have my replacement pair fall apart after a month of wear as well. >=( Anyway, just venting. I don't know if this is typical of Over the Rainbow's service, or if this is just a huge amount of poor luck on my part, but it's really quite irritating.

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I know everyone is thrilled with my harrowing story, so to keep everyone up to date, I brought my N&Fs back to Over The Rainbow and they offered to repair them, which suits me. They had to order in the new N&F buttons, but they should have them by the end of the week, says the chap from the store who called me. As long as they stay together this time, I'm perfectly happy. Also, m17, different models will be differently priced, but my WeirdGuy Indigo Selvage, probably the most popular model, ran me around $140 after tax and everything.

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Got my WeirdGuys amonth ago, been wearing them every day. Nothing major, no skating or sabre battling or anything, just some ordinary ass walking around. I've been travelling, first to California, then to London, so doing touristy walking around stuff, but I've only been waling in them and only for a month. And the fucking button falls right the fuck off >=( I'm pretty pissed. I don't know if I got a shoddy pair or what, I haven't found any precedent for these jeans falling right the fuck apart so quickly after being put through so little. The worst part is that even though I've only had them a month, and I stil have the receipt, Over The Rainbow's return policy only extends to 2 weeks. I don't know whether I should go in there and raise hell anyway or if I should just quietly take them to my local dry cleaner and have them attempt a repair. Apparently it only ever costs, like, less than ten bucks. Still! It's the principle of the thing! If I'd bought some ten dollar jeans from Sears I would have had this coming, but I thought these were supposed to be a decent quality item. >=(

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[Quote] Cheers homie, good to hear that those 3 extra ounces won't be the death of me this summer. Yeah, unless I come up with a miracle jean in the next month, I think I'll invest in a pair of Naked and Famous. Thanks again Beasts, I knew I could count on you.

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I've got a nice grey wool sport coat by a company called Matinique, and I wear it all the time. Personally I never wear it without a collared shirt, but that's because I'd feel like a d-bag- if you can do the whole "indie rock sport coat and graphic tee" thing, more power to ya. For pants, anything presentable, really- no ragged faded denim, but I wear mine with dark jeans all the time. Sneakers are fine too if they're not too loud- Chucks or Eras or Sambas are what you want to be thinking here. Really, the beauty of a sport coat/blazer/whatever is that it straddles the line between casual and formal. Wear it with a tee, jeans, and sneakers and go to a concert, or throw on a collared shirt some cords and laceups and head to the yacht club. For the versatility alone I'd reccomend adding one to your wardrobe. Out of curiosity, how old are you? If you're too young that might be why it doesn't feel quite right. I'm 21 and only recently did I feel like I had the gravitas to pull it off well. If you're still in high school it can go two ways- either you'll be the weiner with the ill-fitting jacket who's trying too hard, or if you've got the right amount of attitude, you'll be the fucking flyest looking kid in detention. Just something to think about. Good luck with the purchase, or non-purchase, whatever.

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Hey cats, I'm thinking of grabbing a pair of these rather than APCs at the start of this summer. Main concern after wearing 501s for the better part of a year: are these susceptible to crotch blows? I know if you like, do lunges in your denim everything is prone to blow, but do these seem particularly fragile? I know Nudies have a reputation for blowing out early and I'm not down for having to mend the crotch of any more jeans. It seems like the Weird Guy is the most popular fit, although I've read it's comparable in fit to New Cures, which I think might be too slim for me. That said, though, the Deep Ingigo Selvedge is 15 oz, and I'm looking for something heavier. Any advice? Anybody have a trouble with crotch blows in these so far?

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Hey Beasts I've ran my 501XXs ragged over nearly a full year now, they still fit great, are fading elegantly, and look like hawt seks. They're perfect except for one thing: crotch blows to the fullest. They blew for the first time a few months ago, and I cannibalized some denim patches from an old pair of 559s and patched 'em up nice and good. Over the last few months though, new blows developed, in a serious way. I've repaired them again recently- only days ago- and already the repairs are starting to come undone. I don't want to be repairing these punks every week. If it's time to move on and buy some new jeans, I'm prepared to make that sacrifice, but I'd rather not fully throw these away. So basically, two questions. 1. Are there any relatively inexpensive jeans out there that are more resistant to blows than Levi's 501XX? I was planning on grabbing some New Standards this summer, but I've heard different things about the quality of the denim. I've heard that Nudies are prone to crotch blows, too. Anything out there made of tougher stuff for somewhere around $150? Preferably less, but I'd be willing to approach (but not pass) $200 for some truly tough motherfuckers. 2. If anyone out there has done repairs to their own denim, how long is that stuff expected to last? Like, should a good repair job make a pair of jeans essentially good as new, or if you have to do repairs are you just delaying the inevitable? If I do a better job repairing the crotch of these things, could I get another few months out of them, or should I just start looking for new denim now? Cheers you guys, look forward to hearing what you folks have to say about this.

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Everyone chill. With the single exception of regularly buying random broads $200+ gifts, this is actually kind of on point. Buying random broads $200+ gifts will lead nowhere but dating lunatics, daddy-issues, and what I understand are called "gold diggers". But everything else, hey, not bad for something that clearly came from 4chan.

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"Fresh?" "Sneaks?" Their beats "knock hella hard?" In the "trunk?" What year is this guy from? I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it a thousand more. The Cool Kids are good for exactly one thing: approaching the game with their own style and not giving a fuck. Other than that, they're wanting for actual musical ability. I find them very boring. But if they're your thing, I'm happy for you. Sidenote: These cats are celebrated for their clothing, but I don't know, can a group really be considered well dressed if they just wear a bunch of streetwear stuff off the rack? No matter how exclusive it is, a tee is a tee, sneakers are sneakers, etc. Maybe just me.

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People are coming down pretty hard, because that's the nature of the forum/entire internet, but they do have a point. It's admirable that you're interested in adopting a more mature or professional or whatever wardrobe, but it'll ring hollow if you're only fifteen. There's nothing wrong with having some more adult pieces in your wardrobe- in fact I'd reccomend having a few nice shirts and a nice pair of shoes to show up everyone who insists on wearing sneakers and a white tux when "formal" days roll around- but for everyday goings-on you can get away with tees and sneakers for a few more years. If you want to come off more grown up the easiest way is to start regulating the fit of your clothes. Wear things that actually fit, sleeves not too long, pants not billowing about your legs like a parachute, &c. Another quick fix is to graduate from fitteds. Maybe this is just me, but I see a fitted on a dood and I think of a child. Anyway, good luck with the growing up process and all that. And sorry everyone here is such a dickhole.

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I've played the demo, and the demo was fun. Probably because it was, you know, Sonic. But the reviews all confirmed what I knew by the time the second wave of trailers came in: the werehog thing is gimmicky uncalled for superfluous padding bullshit, and also fuck it because it's stupid and I hate it. But if the game wasn't wholly, offensively terrible, then at least it's a step in the right direction. At this rate we'll get a truly good Sonic game by the time I'm long since dead and buried. Now I'm going to go play Sonic 2 on my Genesis for the umpteen millionth time and cry quietly to myself.

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I'm wicked crazy super pumped for this album, my goodness gracious me.

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