PSN: TonyKnocksOFWG Games I play: Madden 11, NFS: Hot Pusuit, and Uncharted 3

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My main account: Tony Knocks Back-Up Account: b3astwitGunz Add both but I'll be on b3astwitGunz until I get gold for my main account. Games I play: Halo 3/Reach, Madden 11, NBA Homecourt, and Skate 2

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ayee, my nigga trvwl. peep this niggas shit fam. its hot.

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Ok, so, you guys probably don't know me, but I'm a producer/rapper (mainly a producer) and I go by the name of "Tony Knocks". I wanna take my music shit serious, but I have no following, nor exposure. So, I'm looking for a serious promoter/agent/manager. Any takers? Music:

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Anyone got the link?

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