the title is self explainatory/

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when does your school start? my school starts on the 19th of august.

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who will be going to everglades high school in miramar florida this year?

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how do supras fit? if im a 10.5 what would i be in supras?

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somebody hacked into my schools computer system. and downloaded halo to all the computers throughout the school and i guess tagged it with some sort of virus in which when you try to delete the game of the computer that perticular computer gets a virus and duplicates the game on to it. but you can still play it. btw anyone know a website where you can get any halo game for free or at least play it online.?

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i need help from all the skateboarders. i need a skateboard for a beginer that cant even ollie yet. i know how to ride it i used to have one just for transportation. i waant a good skateboard around 75 buckss that will doo me good. how much do supreme skateboards go for.

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anybody got parents that hate on their choice on style? i know my dad doesnt like my kicks because thyre colorfull and weird and he doesnt like some of my clothes and why i spend so much on them. my sis is cool bout it though. [SIZE="4"]ALL my 10kk people who post here get reped and yall know who yall are.[/SIZE]

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how do air maxes and blazers fit in my case in wich dunks fit small on me. width wise i mean

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i need an assparade password and login crap thank you all for your support in this time of crisis

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post the above things for people that dont already have something sigd

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noone goes to the other brands thread so i got to put it here. just tell me what you guys think [Image]

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i got a nano and my headphones are busted any good brands you guys suggest that are for a good reasonable price that will also last me for a good while.

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planning on getting these for really cheap just want to know which of the two you guys like better or if you like it at all. [URL]

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are you guys still looking for a photographer from miami?

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its my birthday today guys im 17. Im gettin some brain and wanted to know how to make it last longer because the last few times its been over in bout 10 minutes. P.s know everyone else can give me halfcabs

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