who down to form a hypbeast clan? just for fun really but if we happen to be nice then maybe even join cal lol. get at me

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aight i need a playlist for when i hit the gym. post em diplomats-dipset anthem jim jones-crunk muzik

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"i like your shoes" does that translate to i think your cute, ask me out? lol. heres the story so i go out to the mall to pick up a winter coat at h&m then go to the food court and lineup at wendys. this fineeeee ass girl, like 'shorty is a teeeeeeen', wifey, type. lines up behind me. she on the phone the whole time. but yea obviously im checkin her out. so i order my food, move to the side and she orders her food moves to the side and we waitin. i wasnt really plannin on makin a move or nuttin cause i automatically think she the stuck up type like most dime pieces. so im just chillin and caught her lookin at me. so my food is ready i go to grab and she randomly says "i like your shoes." now i dont have nuttin spectacular on just GR dunks. and i just reply thanks, i like your tattoo. (she had a tat on her wrist), i ask wut it says, she explains then i just walk away. but she was on the phone the ENTIRE time. i just FUCKED UP didnt I? smh

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im lookin for a durable, solid color, leather belt. nothing fancy, just abasic belt that won't stretch or break on me. with a gold buckle. any suggestions???

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what are some other companies that make good grey denim besides dior? h&m?

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helppppp my apc bled some on my air max 1's around the insole and a little on the laces. is there a way to get it off?

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no akomplice love? dropped on dg. im feelin most of it

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if anyone is looking for this tee i have it in sz L for sale on ebay check da sig [URL]

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reggie miller back from retirement? [URL]

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so these recent porn threads poppin up and i got my own... so i got this video of a chick ALICIA from PHATTYS, RHYMES & DIMES PT2 I think. she is baaaaaaaaddd. but the video i got sucks. when i play it in quicktime the video turns green every few seconds. so if anyone got a good quality video from that scene get at meeeeeeeeeee

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state your weight, height and how much u can bench anyone know what is considered average? above average? well im 5'8, 150, bench 175 max

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still hope for KG to come to Boston! [URL]

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if you have a dispute open can you still remove your bank account information?

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[Quote] ....yup

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